Eyes problem can occur anytime and to anyone. Conjunctivitis is the eye problem that can affects the eyes of any person and of any age. However there is an eye disease called Glaucoma, which is mostly found in elderly people. Glaucoma is a kind of eye disorder, where optic nerve is damaged. This is the problem that creates pressure in the eyes and can cause blindness. During the impact of the disease, tear production slows down and the eyes become dry. Lots of irritation appears in the eyes, during glaucoma attack. Eyes are very sensitive part of human body so it needs proper care.

Therefore, to fight the problem of glaucoma and some of the other eye problems, there is a drug called Bimatoprost or Lumigan. This eye drop is produced especially for treating glaucoma. The strength of Bimatoprost is standard and suitable for most of the patients. The strength at which the drug comes is 0.03%/3ml. Basically Bimatoprost is a powdery substance, which is soluble in ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol. The strength and the number of drops to apply on eyes are decided by eye specialist. Since, eyes are very sensitive in nature, proper check up is needed and only the application of the drug should be done.

The drops that should be applied on eyes should continue for some time, to get the better treatment. Glaucoma fades away, once the course of the medication is completed. Side effects may appear sometimes. So far the side effects that are registered are redness in eyes, sensitivity to lights, pain or itching, discharged from the eyes, vision changes, swelling, etc. However, if any of these symptoms appears on eyes, immediately visit eye specialist. The best way to fight the problem would be by applying Bimatoprost hygienically. The packet of Bimatoprost contains a bottle, with a dropper.
Apart from treating Glaucoma, Bimatoprost can also treat eyelash hypotrichosis. Here the eyelashes fall and the growth is stopped. For the treatment of eyelash hypotrichosis, Bimatoprost needs to be applied on the eyelashes with the applicator brush. People suffering from both the problems can order the drug from any drugstore and online pharmacies. The price of the drug is also very low compared to other eye care products. The drug needs to be stored in an ideal place, to keep it fresh and useful all the time.

Bimatoprost is an approved drug, which is tested under almost all the laboratories located around the world. People, who had been using the drug and want to refill it, can get the drug from any drugstore or online pharmacies. People with Glaucoma and eyelash hypotrichosis, who are unable to visit the drugstore can order the drug sitting at home, from online pharmacies and without prescription. Glaucoma needs to be treated correctly and on time. Doing so will help people fight the problem easily and save eyes from getting destroyed. Bimatoprost is not for consumption, thus it should be kept away from children.

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