Big data is structured or semi-structured data that can be used for information purpose and data analytics applications. Big data helps to extract information or big sets of data in a systematic way and can be used for machine learning projects. It has a close relation with direct selling. It helps direct sellers to gather information regarding the clients and improve business opportunities.

Direct selling has become the best platform for selling a company’s products directly to customers. The products when quality is assured, the company and the direct seller make good profits. As there are no mediators, the company and its direct representative gain a good profit.

The products are purchased at a retail price from the company and introduced to the customers or the consumers. The customers who once bought the products should be retained and make them buy the products again and again.

Big Data and Direct selling - Experience the growth in your business

What determines the growth of a direct selling business? No doubt. Its the customers or the consumers who are involved in our business. So the products we deliver them should make some sense in them and tempt them to buy the products again and again. The more they depend on our company and the products, the more business we achieve. Hence it is very important to sustain each valuable customers.

How can we retain our existing customers? Its very simple. Just have good communication. But is that easy to communicate with the vast number of customers you have? How you will be able to know the interest, likes, and dislikes of all? It's hardly possible to keep in touch with a big number of people with the traditional methods of communication.

Our generation needs everything personalized. The attitude of people changed and people want some personalized experience. Whatever it may, the products or services, people find satisfaction only if they get it personalized. Then only they feel to come back to us and feel to buy the things. These comebacks may make them stick on the products and results in the company’s growth.

Big data brings the things at ease here. A clear cut solution to the business team helping them consider their customers, providing what the customer wants and understanding what they can offer. Customer along with the direct seller can gain big benefits with big data.

How Big data becomes a source for Big gains?

Big data gains significance at a point where it can track the likes and dislikes of customer’s shopping behavior. It helps to find better ways to lead them to our company. With big data, the company can know how long someone hasn’t ordered a product and try to find out the reasons and resolve it. Understanding the need of each customer and help them purchase at much ease is possible. This data clearly helps the company by identifying the right person to target and when. The company can adopt the right marketing strategy appropriate for each customer then.

Customers who frequently visited you and at present withdraw themselves can be reminded of the company or the product but, make sure at the right occasion. Big data can be used for sales promotion but it should not make the customers feel irritated or losing privacy.

Do big data bring more business?

If big data serves the customers, the sales process, and marketing by automating everything then it indeed brings in more business. The growth of MLM or direct selling company is purely on the basis of the sales and how the company can bring the maximum value to the products. Along with that if the company is able to collect the demographic data upon which the company can market, based on this data, then it is sure.

Big data help you know what quantity of purchase a customer does each time also how much can be spent.

Big data with the big change

Big data brings in changes in the conventional way of handling data. When too much time and effort was needed to update a spreadsheet or document, big data help complete all the work with less effort. You never need to depend on a team to follow up with your customers. No files and no papers. Big data helps to do all these follow-ups in a much easier way. It can collect, verify, and able to understand the customer insights suggests wise marketing strategies according to the data it contains.

Big data for customers

Give the customers what they really need at the right time
Customers can be reminded at the right moment about the product
Personalized messages can be sent to customers
Customers never want to limit their interests or likes
Let the customers engage in shopping with the company at any time

Big data for the company

The company can verify whether any customer is no longer active
Plan and adopt new strategies for bringing new customers along with retaining the existing customers
Ensure customer satisfaction and increase the sales volume
A valuable customer brings value to the company
Give no chance for the customers to withdraw their relation with the company
Small groups are focused as they represent the targeted customers
Alerts to the company or uplines regarding the performance, sales achievement

Big data for marketing

Marketing can be improved and done in an effortless way
Customers are grouped into various segments based on each one ‘s performance and experience
Improved way of approaching each customer, understanding the personal interests, likes and dislikes
Market the products giving the full values
Serve the products to the right hands at the right time
Content management system to help the distributors manage the content and design their own websites on the products they sell.

Whatever be the case, big data brings in a huge revolution in direct selling. Direct sellers can beat the competition with big data analytics. Without creating the issues of privacy, big data automates the sales process. Analyzing customer behavior, likes, dislikes, and preferences a direct seller can find the right customers. Customers too find satisfaction.

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Sajin Rajan, Co-founder, and Director at Epixel solutions is an enthusiastic business professional with 10+ years of experience in software development and business management. He has marked a good space in the global market developing customized software solutions for enterprise-level business concentrating network marketing, Multi-level marketing, and such business opportunities. He always takes good interest in upgrading his technical skills and updates more in Blockchain, IOT, AI and related technologies. He is highly skilled in dealing with new business prospects and sharing the most advanced solutions.