I meet so many people who haven’t found their niche, passion and/or purpose. They might even feel called to be a Speaker; however they don’t have a clue as to what their message is. They are so afraid of making a mistake that they don’t do anything at all. Often the fear is directly related to not wanting to look bad in the eyes of their family, friends and peers if they fail or change direction. As a result, even little baby step towards their dreams feel impossible.

They live in the fear based “What If …?”
* What if I make a mistake?
* What if I go in the wrong direction?
* What if I find out this isn’t my passion?
* What if no one wants what I have to offer?
* What if I fail?

I have helped many of my clients see this from an entirely different perspective. Here are the empowering “What If…” questions you can ask yourself right now.

* What if I never move forward? How would that feel?
* What if this is the right direction and I just didn’t know it yet?
* What if I am on the wrong path, would I be okay as long as I got on the right path?
* What if I was being guided to the perfect financially and spiritually rich business?

When I am working with my clients I love to help them fine-tuning their message because I know exactly where they are at. I was there too. However, I was totally willing to take a leap of faith and fall on my face. I think that is why my last name has always been Igoe (pronounced “I Go.”) A few years I discovered that it has a special meaning to me. It means to me “I GO where God leads me!”

When I started my business in 2004, I went in so many directions trying to find my own voice, message and true calling. Thanks to quick and significant nudges from Spirit, I got the redirection I needed. I finally knew exactly what I was here to do. It only took a few months for that to happen and I have never looked back.

Sometimes we have to take a Big Breath and a Leap of Faith! We know that something has to change. The results you are experiencing are often in direct proportion to areas that we feel the most stuck. Commit to taking one baby step a day towards your dreams. Even consider hiring a coach or attending an event that stretches you out of your comfort zones. Remember even if you make a mistake, that mistake is going to help you clarify what you do want and release what you don’t want.

I hope you love this article. It really comes from my heart. Make sure you read it all. You won’t want to miss it. It has the ability to change your life forever.

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AmondaRose Igoe has dedicated her life to helping people discover and put into action the tools and strategies that create extraordinary public speaking results. As a Leading Expert in Public Speaking and Best Selling Author, she is called upon by leaders from around the globe to help them overcome their public speaking challenges and create high impact presentations with heart. The power of what AmondaRose teaches has helped her clients from around the globe including Germany, Scotland, Africa and Australia.

AmondaRose is the is the author of Pain-Free Public Speaking, a contributing author in the number #1 Best Selling book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and was a featured expert on the FOX 4 Television Station. AmondaRose has a unique ability to help others connect with the mind, heart and spirit of their audiences which makes her a highly sought after professional speaker, public speaking trainer and coach. Whether AmondaRose is being interviewed on television or speaking to international audiences, she ignites the atmosphere with her empowering message, contagious enthusiasm and real results. Access free public speaking tips at www.HighPerformanceSpeaking.com