In India, the advance of technologies are the revolutionizing business needs powerful tools which are capable of leveling the market trends. May be your company or businesses faces competitive edge because of the changing environment (internal or external) but the real fact is that without information nothing will not really change. You may often ask these questions; why the change come into an organization? How Business Intelligence tools assist the organization change and transformation? Here it is, Change which simply means that an alteration in the existing environment of the field of forces which tends to affect the equilibrium of the businesses. Change is bound to happenin the history of any organization or businesses. With the help of business intelligence service provider, you can find smart, simple way to elite your organization.

The high competition, changing technologies and customer demand which lead the organization change. To successful functioning, the organizations have to achieve a balance with the internal as well as external variables of the businesses with the help of business intelligence service providers. Whatever this balance in the businesses is not static but characterized by constant change activity. Accordingly, the businesses have to transform and change to adapt the changing business environment. With the assistant of business intelligence service providers, the organization easily focus into the pre-determined activities or objectives to be achieved. There are so many reasons regarding the changes which affected almost all businesses. The new product development and technological innovations which have a tremendous growth and it becoming an obsolete for the organization, with the aid of business intelligence service providers the organization focuses on the new product development and new trends and demands in the market.

The basic resources have become more expensive because of market conditions or an increase of the sharp competition and it affects the firm and business intelligence service providers able to analyze the demands, trends, fluctuations in the market and reduce the stiff competition among the market players. The business intelligence service providers have the have the ability to allow and to view data in different panorama, to drill-down and roll-up to entirety levels, to navigate, and reduced the time and make strategic decisions in real time. The organizations need to know influential factors (environmental, consumer, interest - group, employees, creditors, legal, governmental and so on) the business intelligence service providers support to clustering the changing influential factors and keep the organization steady. The change and transformation which drives the organizations to become more adaptive with the aid of BI tools. The organizations or businesses developing, elaborating their performance border with the business intelligence service provider and which involves the time, high - costs and human resources and efforts and it involves the change or transformation of the firm and BI tools make these factors analysis more productive and avoid the change of risks like design, data quality, and technological updations.

A wide range of practices and applications for the business data (internal and external) collection, integration, analysis and the layout of this business information and it covers the BI tools. The change and transformation which is unavoidable and nowadays becomes more important functions are which support and follows the organizational learning and development for better decision making and performance. The apt and timely organization information with the assistance of business intelligence service provider is identified as being the crucial and essential for all businesses not only to attain organization pre-decided goals and objectives but even the BI tools help to survive in the today's changing market environment and hence it is more crucial to making worthy decisions based on authentic, crisp and precise data in right time.

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