Beyonce, the most famous superstar was left red-faced when her husband sprung a birthday cake on her backstage at the Made In America festival in Philadelphia on Monday night. While Queen Bey’s actual birthday isn’t until Wednesday, Jay-Z Jay-Z Surprises Beyonce With Birthday Cake since he couldn’t resist embarrassing his wife with a decadent icing cake lit up with sparklers.

Beyonce was spotted right there, Clutching a bottle of champagne, where Jay-Z cheered and encouraged the crowd to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ louder, in a video shared to an Instagram fan account.

38th Birthday Bash!

For beyonce’s birthday bash, the party was celebrated at a high-level but Bey suddenly turned into an awkward birthday celebrations and didn’t know where to look. The Drunk In Love singer, clad in her chic safari-inspired festival outfit, got into the hang of things eventually though and conducted the crowd and swayed to the tune of their dulcet singing. She then excitedly held up her cake, which read ‘Happy Birthday B!’, before blowing out her candles. Beyonce, who previously headlined the music festival in 2013 and 2015, let Cardi B and Travis Scott take centre-stage this time round. She couldn’t resist getting an up close and personal glimpse of Lizzo’s performance and was spotted dancing along with Jay-Z at the side of the stage.

As Jay-Z Surprises Beyonce With Birthday Cake, Beyonce was seen in utmost happiness showering all her love to him, It was a special day for Beyonce because many of her friends and family members.

Rumors After Her Birthday Bash!

Many of Beyonce’s fans and followers claimed that she is pregnant. With that in mind, many suspect that there might be an actual pregnancy announcement coming up sometime soon. Is Beyonce hiding a baby bump in the picture, though?
This has been the subject of much debate lately, as some of her fans seem convinced that the rest are reading too much into the photo.

As expected, Beyonce herself has been relatively quiet on the situation and has refused to reveal any additional details.

However, if she is indeed pregnant, it likely will not be long until her fans get an actual confirmation. After all, with her high public profile, it would be impossible to conceal something like that for too long.

Beyonce has recently given her fans a lot to talk with just one photo showing her holding her belly. While there has been no official confirmation about her possible pregnancy, that is the implication that most of her fans seem to have gotten from the photo. The photo is taken and the pose is presented in such a way which shows how beyonce has been hiding her baby bump lately.

She was wearing a stylish dress and had her arms crossed, with extra focus placed on her belly. While the picture would usually be seen as rather innocent and unassuming, Beyonce’s fans know better. This suspect arise only because the singer has a history of teasing her followers about major developments in her life, and she has done that several times in the past already.

With that in mind, many suspect that there might be an actual pregnancy announcement coming up sometime soon.

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