Investment in dinars is a craze that has been noticed in people all across the globe. People are making huge investments in dinars and particularly in high denomination notes like 10000 dinar notes or 25000 dinar notes. It is an interesting thing that dinars cannot be purchased directly. If you want to buy dinars for investment, you have to purchase them online through an online dealer. Therefore if you are planning to invest with 25000 Iraqi dinar notes, you should look for some trusted online sources for the same. If you have any doubt regarding the online dealer, refrain from making any kind of deal with him.

The mere thought of investment in foreign currency brings in lots of additional tasks that must be done. If you are planning to buy dinars for investment, it is a must that you should initially study about the currency and its present valuation in the international fiscal market.

Next you must know about the various anti counterfeit features of the notes that you are going to purchase. This will save you from getting cheated in all conditions. This is particularly applicable for high denomination dinar notes like 10000 dinar note or 25000 dinar note. If you find that the notes are without the anti-counterfeit features, contact the online dealer immediately.

Here is a brief description as how the 25000 Iraqi dinar note looks like. The note is pinkish in color. On the front side of the note is a Kurdish farmer who is seen to hold a sheaf of wheat. On noticing properly, you will also find a tractor in the background. The back side of the note has the picture of Emperor Hammurabi. He is considered as the person responsible for founding the First Dynasty of Babylon way back in 1700 BC. After this period, Babylonia was ushered with immense prosperity and wealth. Emperor Hammurabi is also credited for writing the first code of law, which is a landmark in human history.

The various anti counterfeit features in the 25000 Iraqi dinar include

  • Clearly embedded horse head watermark
  • Metallic ink
  • Security thread
  • Color changing octagonal symbol. Color changes from purple to green.
  • Ultraviolet feature that glows and the denomination of the note can be seen

Check all these anti counterfeit features in the 25000 Iraqi dinar note and report to the online dealer in case there is any anomaly in the same.

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