With about 100 million active users, Facebook has a lot to offer if you are looking for some great new ways to market either yourself or your business. Because Facebook has more members in the 25-and-older demographic group than most other social networking sites, it is a very viable option for social marketing of an Internet business. Some of the social networking sites are more heavily loaded with younger users that are less likely to be looking for business connections. Social marketing has now become the best way to get noticed on the Internet and to gain credibility and popularity. There are definitely ways that you can improve your social marketing campaign by using Facebook. Here are a few things to get you started with social marketing using Facebook:

1. Consider your audience. Remember that marketing in a social community is a little different that regular marketing strategies. You are marketing to a social community, and poor marketing can offend an entire group of people all at once—and word spreads quickly. If people are going to be talking about you, making comments and posts, or linking to your site, be sure it is because of positive marketing. You need to establish yourself as credible and trustworthy, and be able to use the many social contacts that you create to help you spread the word.

2. Create a perfect business profile page. By allowing you to create a profile page for your business, Facebook is making your business a user. Create a separate user page (different from your personal Facebook account) for your business. Develop your profile carefully, and be specific when possible.

3. Keep things current. Be sure to make regular additions to your Facebook page, consisting of links to articles you’ve written, links to any of your blog sites, links to other profiles that you have for yourself or your business, and any other relevant sites or links that you come across. You want any of your “Fans” to be getting regular updates about your Business Profile Page and you want to remain prominent in their News Feeds.

4. Be an active participant. Join plenty of groups and be active in those groups. Make yourself a top participator in your networks and groups, and continue to explore other groups to join.

5. Become a prominent advertiser. Facebook has advertising space for sale, and you should consider purchasing some of it. Becoming a Facebook advertiser means that your ads will be targeted according to demographics and interests, and Facebook will present them to millions of users, this is similar to how Google’s AdWords works.

Social networking sites are one of the newest ways that Internet marketers can get the word out about their business. With so many millions of users, Facebook can help you connect with other like-minded people around the globe. This makes it a very viable tool for your helping you meet your social marketing needs, and it is one that you should definitely consider adding to your toolbox!

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Jack Humphrey is the author of The Authority Black Book and the editor of the Friday Traffic Report at http://www.jackhumphrey.com. Join Jack's social marketing community.