When it comes to the vast majority of consumers, a lot of us think of the coming 2 week holiday throughout the year. As consumers work harder and it gets closer and closer to the vacation time, they tend to start thinking about destinations and hotel accommodations. However, to avoid the hassle, many consumers decide to start looking into holiday properties and timeshares. After finding out how expensive these luxuries can be, most consumers decide to look for other ways to obtain the piece of mind of knowing they have accommodations prearranged for their next vacation.

One of the ways that people can enjoy the luxury of a timeshare without the overwhelming costs associated with ownership is through a vacation club membership. Vacation clubs are clubs of Americans who have access to some of the the majority of elite resorts around the world. Often times these holiday clubs come with a lot more benefits than simple resort accommodations as well.

When consumers look toward making holiday arrangements however, one of the first things they think about will be the expenses involved in going on holiday. Fortunately, vacation clubs are generally inexpensive ranging between $200 to $500 per year. Once the membership is paid for the year, people are able to enjoy the luxuries of timeshare ownership and more. As I researched holiday clubs, I found that the general benefits include:

Resort Accommodations – Timeshare ownership can be expensive. However, members of many holiday clubs enjoy the luxury of the the vast majority of elite timeshare resorts for a fraction of the cost. Some vacation club memberships even include access to all resorts in the RCI exchange! That is a huge amount of beautiful resorts.

Discounted Events And Theme Parks – Theme parks and events can be some of the most expensive aspects of vacationing these days. With the average theme park ticket in Florida and other elite tourist destinations costing over $100 per person, the expense can some times cause consumers to avoid events and theme parks when they are on vacation. Fortunately, with quite a few vacation clubs, members will receive discounts on local events and theme parks. This discount alone can save large families few hundred dollars!

Discounted Air Fare – Another part of vacations that consumers tend to cringe their teeth when planning is the travel accommodations. These days with increased levels of security (which costs money) and the rising cost of oil, plane tickets can be very expensive. I have found that with the majority of holiday clubs, comes discounted air fare! This is a sure plus.

So, I'm sure that you are wondering which vacation club you should look into. Well, I wish I had that answer for you. To be honest, I didn't write this article to promote a specific holiday club, the reason for writing this article is to stop people from buying into the toxic assets that are timeshares by showing an alternative low cost method. However, if you currently own a timeshare that you do not use or are unhappy with, please look toward the resource area of this article for information on selling timeshares and timeshare cancellation!

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