Best Time To Get Pregnant After Period: How To Make Pregnant

Are you curious about your chances for getting pregnant? If you are young and healthy, your chances should be good, provided that there is no underlying medical problem that may stand in the way. If you are over 30 years of age, your chances start to decrease, so you may find yourself in a position where you may need help to achieve your goal.

If getting pregnant is not happening as quickly as you wish, you may have to start monitoring the calendar rather closely. If you know when you are ovulating, you know the time when you are most fertile. Begin by marking the day you start and the day you finish your period. Since ovulation usually occurs about 14 days after the last period, this can give you a good idea of when the time is best for conception.

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Another thing to monitor at this time is your basal temperature; this is a rather easy thing to do. To increase your chances of getting pregnant, take your temperature the first thing in the morning, before getting out of bed; this is important for accuracy. Your temperature should rise a bit for some days before you finish your ovulation. This will help you to see when the best time for getting pregnant occurs. It may seem odd to use this datum for trying to get pregnant, but if you do this for a couple of months, your chances of getting pregnant will increase because you will be in a good position to make a helpful prediction.

Keep in mind that today there is a thing called an ovulation predictor kit. Using this kit can make your knowledge of when you may be ovulating free of hassles. With this kit you use urine in the same way as when using a pregnancy test. These kits are, therefore, easy to use, and they have proven themselves to be reliable. The expense involved may become a negative factor in time. So make sure you are following the instructions carefully to avoid making mistakes.

If you know when you are ovulating each month, the chances of getting pregnant increase. When you are aware of your ovulation, you also feel more in control, and this is a good thing as well.

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I often hear from people who are wondering if their intercourse schedule is going to cause them becoming pregnant. Some are hoping for a pregnancy and some are not.

I heard from a woman who said: "I've only been married for about three months. I went off of contraceptives the month before my wedding because my husband and I do eventually want to start a family. However, we hoped to have time to save some money and to buy a starter home before having a baby. Someone gave my an ovulation predictor last week. I used it yesterday and found out that I ovulated on that same day. Well, I had sex the day before yesterday and I'm wondering if I'm now pregnant. I know that having sex close to ovulation can result in a pregnancy. I admit that the timing isn't ideal, but we would deal with it if we had to. And if I am pregnant, would it be a boy or a girl? I really want a boy for my first child."

There were a lot of variables in this conversation. But, her biggest concerns were if she were pregnant and, if so, what the baby's gender would be. I will discuss both variables in the following article.

Having Sex The Day After Ovulation Makes Pregnancy Possible, But Not Guaranteed: As you probably already know, there is only a small window of time during each month when a woman can become pregnant. You can have sex on some days during the month and not risk pregnancy. But, when you have sex during the window where ovulation is close to happening (or has happened) and you are not using contraceptives, you may become pregnant.

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However, with that said, having sex close to or even just after ovulation does not guarantee pregnancy. Yes, the egg is ready to be fertilized. And yes, when you have sex this releases sperm that rush and fight to try to fertilize the egg (which eventually sometimes results in pregnancy.) But there are occasions where none of the sperm make it to the egg. Or, the sperm that do make it aren't successful in fertilizing the egg. Whatever the reason, some people have to try several times before they are eventually successful. So having sex during the optimal fertile period does mean that pregnancy is possible, but it doesn't mean that you will definitely become pregnant.

What Gender Would The Baby Be In These Circumstances?: I was only provided with the timing here. Having sex before ovulation generally favors a girl baby. This is because the boy producing sperm are not very hardy so they do not live for long. With that said, there are several other variables that matter just as much. The woman's vaginal PH, whether the woman had an orgasm, and the sexual positions used are also important and I didn't have this information.

So to answer the question posed, a pregnancy was definitely possible but not a certainty. And while the timing slightly favored a girl baby, there were too many unknown variables to make an educated guess. If this couple did not become pregnant this month, they could always use a form of contraception until they were ready to conceive and had the home they wanted. And at that time, if they still wanted a boy, they'd need to have sex after conception when the woman had an alkaline PH and when they used deep sexual penetration.

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Once we understand and know what causes yeast infection, then ridding ourselves of the infection will be easy. In addition to the many medical prescriptions and over the counter medications, there also are many natural remedies to fight the infection if it has come on...

1. Medication
Various medicines like antibiotics and steroids, or birth control pills and condoms cause the onslaught of yeast infection. Hence if the infection strikes, mention it to your doctor so that the medication that has been prescribed may be changed or a counter infection medication be prescribed. This will be applicable in the case of steroids and birth control pills as well. Apart from these there are a number of natural remedies to help counter the infection.

2. Clothing
Tight and uncomfortable clothing contributes to the onslaught of yeast infections. Non-breathable synthetic clothing too contributes to the infection. Dirty clothing is another factor which causes yeast infection. Sharing other's clothes, trapped perspiration can also lead to yeast infection. Clothing should be handled with care. Loose cotton clothing is ideal as it prevents perspiration from being trapped.

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3. Pregnancy and hormonal changes
Many women are susceptible to yeast infection during pregnancy. A woman goes through various hormonal changes during this time which weakens her immune system. The only way to prevent the infection from invading the system is by following hygienic personal care. It is important that you wear loose clothing and keep away perspiration.

Frequent washing and drying of the body parts is essential. If the infection has set in then you should get started on natural remedies right away to prevent the infection from becoming severe.

4. Sex
Sex is also a cause of yeast infection. If you happen to have the infection already then refrain from having sex with your partner. If totally unavoidable then make sure you use a condom to prevent infecting your partner as well.

Yeast infection is easily combatable if the cause is identified.

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Candida infection is caused by an organism scientifically named as Candida albicans. It is mostly found in the female population and each every lady is sure to experience the same at some point of time. But, how will you know that you are suffering from this illness? Is there any method to analyze it other than running to the doctor? Yes, of course there are certain signs by which you can detect that it is either yeast or Candida infection...

o The itch factor is the primary one where you feel burning sensation and continuous itching and irritation around the vaginal area. Even though it is one of the major concerns of yeast infection, it need not necessarily be due to this alone as there are several other diseases related to this symptom.

o Cheesy discharge is something accompanied by yeast infection and you can check for its presence to confirm yeast infection. It resembles a yellowish-white ricotta cheese appearance and the odor also seems to be irritating and smells similar to that of yeast. Vaginal fishy odor can also be due to bacterial infection and needs serious attention and intake of antibiotics.

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o Pain during sex or reddishness and swelling along the genital area can be due to yeast infection. There are other factors responsible for swelling and therefore it is better to consult a doctor to diagnose and treat such a problem.

o Nowadays confirming yeast infection has been made simple with the yeast infection test kits made available. If it shows positive result, you can assure about the infection and start trying out Do It Yourself remedies before approaching the doctor. On the other hand, finding negative tests might be due to the presence of some other illness and should be consulted with your physician immediately.

Understanding the yeast or Candida infection before treating it is very important and it helps you reducing your problem to a certain level elevating the recovery time.

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