Some people in life like to brew tea repeatedly until they can't taste it. Some people change their tea quickly after brewing once or twice. How many times is a cup of tea brewed?

The number of tea brewing times is related to the quality of the tea and the drinking habits of the drinkers, but from the perspective of nutrient absorption, it is best to brew tea only once, but not more than 3 times for bulk tea.

It is understood that tea contains tea polyphenols with cancer suppressing effects, tea polysaccharides that can lower blood sugar, caffeine that excites the central nervous system, and various nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins. How much of these nutrients can be precipitated has a lot to do with the number of brews. Generally speaking, the larger the shape of the tea leaves, the slower the precipitation rate of nutrients; the smaller the particles, the faster the precipitation rate. Compared to bulk tea, teabag tea leaves are completely destroyed by cutting and kneading during processing and manufacturing. The shape of the particles is relatively small. The nutrients in the tea leaves will be 80% after the first soak in ~ 5 minutes ~ 90% precipitation, after the second brewing, about 10% of the remaining nutrients are almost all precipitated out.

Bulk tea is better because the particles are larger, the first brewing time is better, it should be about 5 minutes, the nutrients in it will be 60% ~ 80% precipitation; after the second brewing, there will be 80% ~ After the third brewing of 90% of the nutrients, the leaching rate of the nutrients will exceed 95%, and the brewing will have no nutritional benefit.

Ordinary people, how much tea is best to drink every day?
Generally healthy adults, drink about 12 grams of tea a day, brewing in 3 to 4 times is appropriate. People who eat more greasy foods and a large amount of tobacco and alcohol can increase the amount of tea (20 grams is appropriate). Pregnant women and children, neurasthenia, and tachycardia, the amount of tea should be reduced appropriately, you can drink light tea.

What is the best temperature for drinking tea?
With the popularity of kung fu tea, people drink tea "more and more hot", what is the best temperature for drinking tea?

People drink tea for health care, but drinking too hot tea will increase the incidence of cancers such as esophageal cancer. An Iranian study shows that when the temperature of tea water is between 65 ° C and 69 ° C, the risk of esophageal cancer will double. Once the temperature of the tea exceeds 70 ° C, the incidence of esophageal cancer will increase by 8 times. It is recommended that when drinking tea, the temperature of the tea is between 50 ° C and 60 ° C, and not exceed 70 ° C.

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