Geolocation games and Adventure games are the most exciting category in the world of reality games. They use the existing world maps, locations and areas as the gaming environment extend them with unique plot, awesome creatures and fantastic quests.

Using the GPS enabled android and IOS devices the player moves around the area or locality and completes different missions. This is a great opportunity to mix the invented worlds in reality.

Pokemon GO

This is the mind-blowing project by Niantic which brought a big hike in Reality games into the crowds. The mid set of players enabled Pokemon GO to hold several records and gain incredible earnings(money). The role of this adventure game in terms of making virtual Reality technology known to millions of people is hard to overstate.

Pokémon GO is an adventurous type of mobile game, which places the battlefield on the real world and combines virtual animate objects into the user's environment. Billions or maybe even Trillions of Pokemons have been caught in years since 2016. And the fun still continues.


Another hit by Niantic studio released game back in 2012 and is still popular among gamers. First of all, because of the catching plot. Scientists have discovered a dark energy, which can influence the way human think. There are two facts. The Enlightened want to use this energy to control humans, the Resistance aims to protect mankind. You should choose your side, discover and capture the energy sources, which are located in your area.

Second, in Ingress the entire planet is your sport. Wandering through roads and towns using a telephone using this program will cause you to discover imaginable resources of energy, acquire skills and technology for conflicts between factions. The sport is worldwide, you can monitor other person players, or speak to them through Intelligence map. Tons of mysterious clues, hints and hidden codes, and the storyline changes continuously.


Your home or another environment become a pursuit land, where you would set and seek treasure boxes out with gold. Friends, kids and parents -- all can do this experience.

Even though a sport seller because of this still has plenty of work to perform, since the game does not always work on all apparatus, it reveals a fantastic promise. Let us follow and watch.

Temple Treasure Hunt

Here's a geolocation Augmented Reality match for myths and puzzles fans. An individual can play with it both outside or indoors, picking among those functions: treasure shield or treasure hunter. As a treasure guardian, you need to make treasure paths. As a hunter, then you are going to need to find the treasure, naturally. Along the match, Indian mythical characters appear as treasure guardians. The game employs the true map of this place.

To make a course of paintings, a participant chooses the various functions, in Exterior mode puts guardians in the interactive map, or puts physical markers in Indoor style. To explore paths and locate treasure, a participant chooses a job, checks using a map and looks round, keeping tabs on place markers to maneuver in the ideal direction. Suggestion: the ideal top button on the map stands outside the opinion.

Men In Black: Global Invasion

The most recent franchise to jump onto the bandwagon is Men In Black Global Invasion Has Aliens Invading into your reality through your smartphone as Ludare Gambling Group's new game has you hunting down aliens in Men in Black: Global Invasion. In typical augmented-reality manner, you are going to use your phone to research your surroundings and endeavor to locate hidden alien fugitives which have invaded Earth.

As a broker for the Men in Black, you'll have a number of weapons at your disposal to help fight and capture the various extraterrestrials which could be found in the environment. Everything from neutralizers into the Noisy Cricket is offered from the game, but you'll need to spend time shooting aliens and completing challenges in order to grow your arsenal of weapons.

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