We can bet you use WhatsApp and you are often faced with the typical problem of not being able to know what to share with our friends, and which phrases, statuses, images and videos would be the best. Do not worry! We have made a selection of the best phrases for your WhatsApp, as a way of helping you to keep the spirit of positivism. You can try to translate some of these on your own to turn each to a Haryanvi status for WhatsApp and Facebook.

• Smile with all your strength, because tomorrow you may be missing a tooth.

• Everything is possible as long as you believe that it is possible.

• My life plan was not to fall in love, but you came into my life and changed me.

• As when you repeat yourself, never abandon your dreams, only to be able to sleep another 5 minutes more.

• Everything happens at the perfect moment. Keep going.

• Maybe I do not get tears, but deep down it hurts, maybe I do not tell you often, but I think and maybe I do not show it, but I care.

• And I will always tell you that I prefer to start a battle with you than to be a winter without you.

• Having a positive outlook on life will help you overcome everyday problems, but if you share them with your friends on social networks, at least one, will help you improve your life, because these phrases strengthen our spirit and fill us with good energy.

• The only place where dreams can become unattainable is in your mind.

• If you can imagine it, why not make it come true?

• Your past will never define who you will be in the future.

• It is impossible to achieve a dream without hope, or confidence in oneself.

• If you stay with me, I have life left.

• If a person smiles a lot, it is not because his life is easy, but because he learned that in life you always have to smile.

• Thank you, for every moment we spend together, for every smile, for every anger, for every laughter, for everything.I love you

• Remember that in my heart there will always be a place for you.

• And your voice will always be my favorite sound.

• Regardless of the circumstances, never stop smiling.

• Do not worry, even the darkest night gives way to a new dawn.

• Trust yourself, dare to believe that you have the ability to make possible what others believe is impossible.

• If you keep your face facing the sunlight, you will never see the shadows behind you.

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