Polish pottery from Boleslawiec is probably one of the best in the world. Polish pottery is extremely durable, high-fired, non-porous stoneware ware that goes straight from the microwave/oven to the table to the dishwasher. Our high-quality handcrafted pottery is known for its beautiful handwork, the original style, and high practicality. Polish ceramics have an individuality and "taste" that is valued around the world for its art and quality. The UK's largest online selection of the best polish pottery is bcv-boleslawiecpottery.co.uk.

The Polish pottery line Boleslawiec is classified as high-density stoneware, a very hard product made of opaque white clay of excellent quality. It is resistant to chips and breakage. The dishes are completely safe to use with food - they do not contain any harmful substances. Polish pottery stoneware does not contain cadmium or lead.

High quality ceramic is hand-formed and hand-decorated. Painting on ceramics became colorful in the Boleslawiec region. The ornaments are painted using a stamping technique that is unique for Boleslawiec ceramics.

Decorative motifs are applied to the surface of the ceramic object with small stamps soaked in color. Different types of stamps are used to apply patterns to a single product. The number of individual decorative motifs obtained in this way can reach several thousand. The lively colors are selected according to Polish customs and result in a wide variety of brightly colored goods. One-piece complements another, regardless of the design.

Polish pottery is oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe because the artists who make them carefully select their clays and bake them at a scorching temperature - this makes it rock hard and pore-free. As with any stoneware, however, one should avoid sudden, extreme changes in temperature.

For best results, bring baking pans to room temperature before heating. While the ceramic is ovenproof, extreme temperature changes can cause problems. It's also best not to cook for the same reasons. As with all stoneware, stoneware baking utensils can tear if the appropriate precautions are not taken.

Also, the artisans coat all colored patterns with a transparent protective glaze to prevent wear and tear and food from sticking.

The design and decoration of Boleslawiec ceramics were heavily influenced by individual artists. Polish pottery like dishes tends to reflect the styles and patterns developed by these potters, whose work has often demonstrated remarkable originality. The price reflects the quality, detailed, meticulous painting, attention to design, and time devoted to each piece of ceramic.

If you love old-time handmade ceramics and stoneware, you are sure to enjoy the range of tableware products we offer.

In our shop, you will find several unique accessories that give a well-equipped kitchen the finishing touch. Each piece can withstand heavy use but is attractive enough to add a splash of color and texture to your decor. Slight design and color variations in this handcrafted stoneware increase its beauty and value.

Our baking ware is made for real life - it can be used every day and is not just admired for its beauty. Stoneware ceramics distribute heat and distribute it evenly. The non-porous casserole dishes are easy to clean and maintain. Polish pottery moves directly and easily between the oven and the table.

Bowls, cookie jars, and containers are colorful, collectible, and made in different sizes. Inspired by their predecessors, contemporary artisans craft and paint each piece by hand.

Polish dinnerware sets add charm and distinctive character to every place setting. These casual stoneware dinnerware sets are your most common dishes, no matter the size of your collection.

Our serving pieces are made to be enjoyed now and to be cherished in the future. Each item makes a beautiful presentation and a very practical gift. Choose your casual tableware just as carefully as your fine china. After all, you'll be using your casual servings every day.

Tea and coffee items make a charming table decor or kitchen accent as well as perfect handmade gifts. Polish pottery plates and platters are elegant enough for formal entertainment and simple enough for everyday use. There is a wide range to choose from - great for mixing and matching.

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