Once kids will grow out from your lap, you will miss all these. Also, obviously, it is perhaps the best thing to fabricate a bond with your kids and invest quality time with them in this quick pacing way of life. Bonding is boosted with this cuddling and reading. There are abundant advantages of reading moral stories for kids.
According to research, 18-24-months-old kids who have been read routinely by their parents had the ability to talk and see more words comparatively. Reading at an early age improves communication and language skills.
Nothing can beat the sentiment of cuddling by your kids as you read out to them. Short moral stories for kids are a wellspring of delight as well as encourages them life values.

5 Benefits of Moral Stories for Kids

1. Creates healthy bonding
2. Builds up the affection for books
3. Improves relational abilities
4. Expands concentration level
5. Lifts creative mind

Best Moral Stories for Kids

1. Sera Learns to Fly

It is a short story for kids by Vinitha who always believed that each girl should fly.
Sera was a tiny black Ant who had a dream. She always wanted to fly. Her elder sister used to tell her that ants don’t dream and can never fly. Her ant colonies used to laugh at her. But Sera never stopped dreaming.

2. Gatila

It is a short story with moral in English by Lisa Dias Noronha and Anjora Noronha dedicated to their grandmother who had Gatila as her pet.
Once upon a time, there were two skinny sisters in a small village of Goa. Their father brought home a black cow to give fresh milk who was named Gatila.

3. Little Cloud’s Quest

This is the shortest story with moral by Stephen Aitken and Sylvia Sikundar.
There was a little cloud who was sad and lonely. The wind carried him up in the sky and they flew really high. When they reached high up above the tall windmills, the air had thinned. They met lots of wispy cirrus clouds that float high up in the sky.
(Cloud Fact: Cirrus clouds generally appear grey or white in color and are formed 20,000 feet above the sea level. It is a sunny day when thin cirrus clouds are high up in the blue sky.)
Little cloud tried to stretch up to get thin but cirrus clouds laughed at him for being so slow. He went away to find other friends.

4. Polar Bear

The shortest moral story for kids by Norbert Rosing.
Some years ago, he was in the icy wilds of Canada with his dogs. Suddenly, there was a big polar bear in front of them. His dogs were frightened. Then, guess what happened! The polar bear came near to the dogs. He only wanted a friend to hug.
An adorable tale about a most unlikely friendship!
Reading kids’ moral stories is a way to teach them moral values and good manners. By making the moral stories for kids more interactive, you come to know about your kid’s thinking and viewpoint.

A story with a moral in English also opens a doorway to creative writing and storytelling in a different manner.
Read full moral stories.
Happy Reading!

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