First of all – what is a mole? Mole is small irregularity on the skin that often is brown or black in color. Moles can appear in the groups or alone. It is quite typical to develop moles between the early childhood and up to the middle years. Most people have moles and it is estimated that an average person have twenty to thirsty moles on his or her body.

What are the main causes of the skin moles? Mole is an abnormal concentration of the skin cells growing in the cluster. These particular skin cells have certain properties that make the dark color of the moles.

Many people consider removing moles. There are many options to do it. The best mole removal methods can be divided in two major groups: mole removal at the doctor’s office or mole removal at home.

For those who are looking for the latest methods, probably the very best mole removal is done using laser technology. A very precise laser beam is pointed to the mole to evaporate it. Laser mole removal is excellent for shallow mole removals and carries the least risk of scaring. The only real drawback of this procedure is the price. To remove one mole a person might need to pay at least one hundred dollars, and if there are many moles to be removed, then the total costs can be quite high.

Because of the high costs associated with mole removal at the doctor’s office, many people turn to the home based mole removal methods. Surprisingly, many of these methods work very well and can be considered a serious alternative to the medical mole removal methods.

Among the best known home mole removal methods are applying apple cider vinegar, castor oils or tea tree oil to the mole. After repetitive applications of any of these products, the mole gradually dries out and in few weeks time it can be rubbed off.

For those who are not willing to wait for weeks before mole dries out using home based methods, one of the best alternatives is to apply a good quality mole removal cream, like Dermatend. How does Dermatend work? This mole remover or similar quality product will likely contain natural ingredients. In this way the surrounding skin of the mole will be left undamaged and natural ingredients will help the skin to heal well without leaving scars.

Before choosing mole remover, make sure to do your search and investigate all available options.

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