Buying the best LED grow lights can be a considerable investment. Since LED lights are rated for at least a 25000 hour lifespan, you expect your grow lights to last for at least 5 years (in a constant 12 hour lighting every day). But longevity of grow lights, similar to all other electrical appliance or electronics, depends on a myriad of factors.

What Affects the Longevity of the Best LED Grow Lights?

LEDs are generally sturdy little pieces of electronics. Made from resin, it’s much less fragile than traditional light bulbs. Still, it’s affected by the following:

  • Thermal management. Heat is the number one enemy of all electronics – even the top LED grow lights.
  • Electrical stress. Using even the best LED grow light at currents higher than what the manufacturer specifies can shorten its lifespan.
  • Exposure to elements. Extremely high or low ambient temperatures can lower the life expectancy of even the best LED lights.

Best LED Grow Lights: How to Take Care of the Best Grow Light for Weed

Protection of LED lights is easy. By investing on a good LED light, you are sure to save on a lot compared to other grow lights for cannabis growth.

Use Surge Protection Even on Top LED Grow Lights

As previously mentioned, electrical stress can adversely affect the lifespan of LEDs. Power surges overload even the best LED grow lights causing undue stress not just on the LEDs but also the chips that controls the lighting. Without a surge protector, you are exposing your valuable LED grow light to such dangers.

Plug the Grow Light to a Timer

Aside from ensuring optimum lighting for the various stages of the plant growing cycle, ensuring that even the best LED grow lights gets a rest is best for the device. Prolonged use of electrical or electronics appliances causes heat. Heat hastens the deterioration any electronics including LEDs. So giving the LED grow light some time to shut off and cool down is actually good for it.

Avoid Overloading of Outlets

Daisy-chaining multiple grow lights is a common practice by indoor growers. One thing you shouldn’t forget though is the fact that connecting multiple grow lights to a single outlet may cause it to overload and short circuit – or worse – start a fire. Even the best LED grow lights are not fire-proof.

Keep your Grow Lights Away from Water

Electricity and water have never been good partners. Ensure that your best LED grow lights are far from even the touch of water to avoid short circuits and other accidents.

Clean your Grow Light Once in a While

Similar to other electronic devices like laptops, dust build up can cause poor heat management in an LED grow light. Dust that blocks the exhaust of LED grow light’s cooling is sure to cause increased operating temperatures which will inevitably shorten its lifespan. Dusting the grow light regularly does not only ensure bright lighting, it also removes any dust build up.

These are all very simple steps to take in caring for your investment. But most important of all is to always use your best judgment in the maintenance of your LED grow light.

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