An indoor garden can bring you a real breath of fresh air to your rooms, exposing a little bit of nature to your living place. Not only do you receive a healthy living place, but also you can grow some fruits and vegetables indoors. To fulfill these purposes exactly, LED grow lights came into the scene.

What are LED Grow Lights?

LED grow lights are artificial light sources to help you grow many plants indoors.

With the increasing needs and demands for LED grow lights, the number of products and their manufacturers has increased significantly. This is why many people want to know the best LED grow lights.

To help them our level best, we have reviewed hundreds available in the market. Based on the user experience, cost, wattage, reviews, yield, durability, spectrum, we have shortlisted a few products as the best LED grow lights for 2019.

Given below are these

1. Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Plant Grow Light

This advanced grow light has many salient features to give you a very pleasing indoor gardening experience. This not only looks simple and sleek but also can help you grow your plants with a full spectrum design. It comes with two color-coded buttons that allow you to make a selection of a stage. You can choose between Veg and Bloom stage, depending on your needs. You do not need to worry about the reflector melting or getting hot.

This highly popular LED grow light comes with a standard size (3x3 feet) to cover indoor gardens. It has the capacity of giving 1200 watts of light. This is a great output. To protect the light from high heat output, it uses cooling fans. Moreover, it features energy-saving mode to help you save on your utility bill. It consumes only 300 watts of power.


• Highly effective in plants’ growth (almost all stages from seedling to full bloom)
• Attractive full spectrum design
• Double cooling fans prevent from getting hot
• Hanging hooks to hang it easily at your desired place
• It can cover 3x3 foot indoor area set when kept at a height of 2 feet
• User-friendly
• No extra tool required to install
• No reflector reduces the chances of overheating and melting


• Cooling fans can produce a loud sound
• No significant difference in the color of light in different stages of growth

2. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light

This offers your indoor plants bright light closely to mimics sunlight that boosts growth from seedling to full bloom. It comes with a full spectrum design so that it can cover all stages of growth. To keep it cool and nice, it comes with a double cooling fan and an aluminum heat sink. It can cover a range of 2.5 x 2.5 feet. It produces 600 watts of power and consumes 269 watts. This is good enough for reducing the cost of power consumption.


• The coverage range is 2.5 x 2.5 feet to 3 x 3 feet, depending on the height and distance from your plants.
• Helps you save money on electricity bill


• Not waterproof used to combat with accidental leaks
• The fan can produce a loud sound.

There are a few more best LED Grow Lights given below:

• Roleadro LED Grow Light, Gaalaxyhydro Series
• Advanced Platinum Series P450 450w
• MAXSISUN Dimmable 300W
• King Plus 1000 Watt LED Grow Light
• BESTVA DC Series 1800W LED Grow Light
• MARS HYDRO 600W LED Grow Light
• MEIZHI LED Grow Light Reflector Series 1200W

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