When it comes to buying kurtas and tunics, women definitely have a plethora of choices. Yet, the challenge happens when it comes to choosing the right bottom wear for women kurtas and tunics. While shopping, women are often so focused about their kurta that they forget to get right pair of pants which further complicates when it comes to getting ready. To help women simplify this, here is a list of kurta – pant color combination that works for all occasions:
Off White Long Kurta - Brown Pant
White and brown is a very contrasting combination that even works as formal wear. While milk white might often be risky for a very long day, off white long kurta steals the show. The best part about long kurtas is they work as ethnic wear as well. When confused about how to get an x-factor to a boring piece of kurta, a contrasting bottom wear always works.
Pista Green Top - Off White Pant
Usually, dark colors are more associated with bottom wear. Experiment with this, and how about trying an off white pant? Off white pant looks very elegant and can be combined with a pista green top for a graceful appearance. Some accessories with the pista green top and off white pant together make a great ensemble.
Mauve Kurta - White Pant
Mauve Kurta - White Pant is a very exceptional combination. Mauve Kurta - White Pant might not be very contrasting but appears very beautiful when worn. Mauve Kurta - White Pant works for both morning and night occasions. When choosing Mauve Kurta - White Pant, try pairing it with contrasting footwear for extra attention.
Blue Chikankari Kurta - Mustard Yellow Pants
Any chikankari kurta itself makes a great choice. If choosing a blue chikankari kurta, pairing it with mustard yellow paint is a good call. Blue Chikankari Kurta - Mustard Yellow Pant is very bright and adds to your splendor.
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