You won’t be no exception if you say you haven’t experienced hair loss in your life. What becomes bothersome is when thousands of strands come off in just one waft of combing. Where sometimes, hair fall can be treated topically, sometimes it requires different supplements, superfoods or a doctor’s appointment altogether. Hair oils, hair shampoos, hair serums, hair masks… There is no shortage out there in the clean beauty industry in terms of topical products. Below, we list down some of the safest, effective and best hair treatments for hair fall.

1. Waasana Hair Growth Elixir with Peppermint & Lavender

Bid goodbye to hair fall with this hair growth serum enriched with the effective concoction of Peppermint and Lavender. Potential hair growth oils like Peppermint, and Clary Sage can make your hair grow faster, longer and thicker. It also protects your hair from breakage, hair loss, moisturizes the scalp, heals itchiness and gets rid of dandruff.

2. TVAM Hair Tonic, Henna Anti-Hair Fall

This is a hair tonic which boosts the revival of hair follicles with this specially crafted tonic that’s loaded with the goodness of henna and infused with rosemary, thyme and licorice. It has a soothing, rejuvenating hair tonic which is applied on damp hair to give maximum results.

3. Minimalist 18% Hair Growth Actives Hair Serum

A powerful, potent blend of 5 ingredients which are proven to promote hair growth within 8th week of use, and reduce hair fall by 4th week. It is filled with a combination of peptides & effective plant & non-toxic chemical extracts to give you fuller, thicker hair.

4. The Tribe Concepts 90 Day Miracle Hair Oil

It is an excellent treatment for all your hair woes. It's an age-old tribal secret deep-rooted from tribes of India which was brought to after a yearlong extensive research which does what it says. You have to use it continuously for 3 months to get thicker, voluminous, smoother and luscious hair.

5. Fix My Curls Protein Powered Deep Conditioning Mask With Amla, Quinoa, Avocado Oil, & Brown Algae Extract

Best for curly and wavy hair, this hair mask has all the right kind of proteins and plant-based ingredients to help nourish your hair and promote hair growth. Since it is a conditioning mask, it is used after you cleanse your hair with a mild shampoo. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, aids in hair growth and is perfect for repairing any hair damage.

6. COSMIX Healthy Hair

A permanent solution to dull, damaged hair and greasy or dry scalp problems, the Cosmix Healthy Hair is a natural, plant-based mix of herbs, adaptogens and superfoods that will help solve your hair woes! It helps in making your hair grow thicker and luscious and restores your healthy hair.

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