Just like the Filipino dramas, the Filipino movies are also one of the main hits of Philippines. Philippines is producing the best movies from the start that people love watching. Filipino movies like Miracle, One More Chance and Gold, Silver, Death are the top watched movies with greatest hits and positive reviews. Just like that, the new upcoming movies are also one of the major hits of Philippines Television Industry.

To catch these movies online, you will find many online websites on the internet to watch these amazing Filipino movies from; but the best website from where you can watch all the new and old Philippine movies is the Pinoy Tv. Pinoy TV is one of the best websites for online movie streaming. You can easily search for whatever Filipino movie or TV serial you want and watch it with ease and in comfort; with the best quality.

So, here are the best Filipino movies of all time that are a must watch if you are a movie lover. You will love these movies as Filipino Entertainment Industry never fails to produce the best dramas/ movies every time.

1.That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

That Thing Called Tadhana is a Filipino movie that was released on 10th November 2014. This Filipino movie has the best set of actors and a great plot. Romance is always in the air in all Philippine movies. This movie is based on a love story between a girl (Mace) and a boy (Anthony). They meet on a plane when Mace is trying to fix her extra luggage somewhere. When Anthony comes to her help and offered her half empty bag for her extra luggage. Mace, who was very confused at that point, accepts the bag and fixes her stuff in. On the way, they get to know each other really well. In this Filipino movie, you will find out how Mace, who was already heartbroken and Anthony, who cared for her from the start; gets to know each other and how their story ended. This Filipino movie is a must watch.

2.The Gifted (2014)

The Gifted is another amazing production of the Filipino Entertainment Industry. This story is very different from all the normal love stories that we all are used to watching. The Gifted was released on the 3rd September 2014 and is based on a story about how two childhood best friends, ‘Zoe’ and ‘Aica’ fall for a boy ‘Mark’.
Zoe is an intelligent, rich and over- weight girl. Whereas Aica is an unattractive girl; they both were best friends from their childhood and went to the same school and high school together. Zoe majors in Neuro Science and Aica gets a degree in Mathematics.
The story is about what happens when these two best friends meet up after their university life, and how Mark came into their lives. To know, you can watch this comedy movie on the Pinoy TV.

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Robert Alleson