It is always best for you to work at a top brand rather than wasting your talents at a small brand. This is because whenever you apply for a job, and the hiring committee takes a look at your CV, the big brands are always noticeable and highly recommendable.

This gives your employers a positive impression that you are a bright and robust candidate. You would be perceived as a well trained and experienced worker. As the former employee of a big brand, you are part of an extensive network of both previous and present employees and can contact them anytime on any social media for any help and guidance.

1: Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton, which is commonly known as VL. There are many brands in the world of fashion, but Louis Vuitton is itself a vast fashion world. We will discuss some points that make VL a big league in the fashion world.

In this era where fashion is at its peak and with latest fashion trends, Louis Vuitton makes it possible to find a balance between tradition and innovation thereby bringing new, unique, and stylish products to its consumers. Notably, VL has been honoured for six consecutive times as the most valuable luxury brand in the fashion world. They don’t only offer products of diverse variety but also products with world-class quality.

Every time, they showcase their unique artistry in this era of machinery, making them unique from all other brands. The exclusivity of their brand is one of the reasons why people can’t resist buying from them. They have a limited series, and this exclusivity makes them more attractive. People want to attain them so they can appear different from others.

Not only they make the best products but also these products promote themselves. Over the years, they have hired top actors/actresses, models to represent and promote their products. Because they know even the best products need quality advertisement.

Now, you will feel different towards the name of Louis Vuitton. So, if you get any chance to work with this brand, do not hesitate to grab the opportunity with both hands.

2: Gucci:

Gucci is the house of Italian fashion and best leather goods. This top luxury brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy (1921). Currently, Gucci is part of the Gucci Group under PPR, which is a French company referred to as Kering.

You cannot just put into words the fame of Gucci, because in the fashion community everyone not excluding all the top fashion models, fashion editors, actors/actresses who all crazily in love with Gucci. Gucci though has a vast share in the fashion market; it keeps on expanding. It is one of the many world’s most influential luxury brand in the fashion industry.

Gucci does not hesitate to pattern it products in correspondent with the trends of fashion history. They make life more beautiful and theatrical by offering unique colour patterns and durable designs that melt consumers’ hearts. Gucci brought the sixties and seventies patterns in a new initiative way that make it the most desired and loved fashion brand. Gucci not only speaks of glamour and style but it also highlight and fantasies the concept of dress up. The use of furs, sequins, marabou feathers, brocades, and other childish stuff offer people a sense of appeal they require in this dull world.


Nike is a renowned brand company whose products are famous worldwide. They have shirts, bags, sneakers, running shoes and other accessories required for sports, which are comfortable and are delivered in the best quality.

My Brandable is an e-commercewebsite which is loved by internationally, as the value quality and customer service over everything else. Their products range from T-shirts, Shoes and bags which are of high quality. Notably, their brand products are a little bit expensive, and they made of pure leather. This brand footwears and tracksuits are very famous, and they are so comfortable. This brand is a status symbol.

In this article, we have succeeded in expatiating on some of the fashion brands that are must follow in 2019. These brands have a renowned image, and they have proven themselves among the best. Their quality is unparalleled and healthy.

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