The average cost of auto insurance for a 65-year-old is $1738, or around $145 per month for a full coverage policy—a little more expensive than what the younger drivers account for. Your car insurance premiums rely on a wide range of personal characteristics, including place, driving background, and age. Drivers with a history of traffic violations pay more than their counterparts. You can find the best deal for yourself when you compare car insurance.

Are you looking for cheap car insurance for a senior citizen?

Compared to other demographics, the rates of car insurance for seniors are on the lower side. One of the best ways to get affordable rates is by comparing car insurance. You will get various car insurance quotes depending on the factors entered by you. The best car insurance companies will consider various factors before giving you your personalized car insurance quotes. When you compare car insurance, you will give yourself a chance to get affordable car insurance for yourself.

Best car insurance companies for senior citizens

The below table shows the best car insurance companies for senior citizens of the country:

Car insurance company

Benefits offered to senior citizens


Overall top-notch service


Lower cost

The Hartford AARP Program

Membership program

State Farm

Best for safe drivers


Perks and discounts


Best for low-mileage drivers


Overall top service

As far as car insurance is concerned, there is no tangible concept of 'senior' or 'older adult.' Certain firms only sell car insurance to AARP members aged 50 or older, while others offer special discounts to drivers above a certain age. Yet, most auto insurance providers use age as a factor in their total estimate of the premium. That means that car insurance is one place where you're unlikely to get a senior discount just for a landmark birthday.

Car insurance for seniors is the same for older adults as it is for people of all ages. The only difference is the cost. Older adults may qualify for discounts based on age or take additional steps such as taking a safe driving course or driving less. Other benefits, even if the insurance coverage—such as accident-free premium discounts—will operate the same as when you applied for senior automobile insurance discounts.

While individual personal factors, driving background, and location can affect your car insurance rates, your premiums should usually decrease or stabilize as you get older. Statistically, adults in the 50s and 60s get the highest auto insurance rates. As you age, you might be eligible

to apply for higher rates based on:

Number of discounts you qualify for

Driving experience

Lower claims

Driving less

As always, we suggest comparing car insurance quotes from multiple insurers will give you the best mix of coverage and reliability for your situation.

Older adults can save money on the cost of auto insurance by shopping around. If you get closer to your 50th, 60th, or 70th birthday mark, ask your current insurer if you will be eligible for any extra discounts based on disability, age, driver safety training, mileage, or taking off your policy for children when they move out.

While you're at it, ask for offers from a few other providers on our best auto insurance page for older adults. Switching to a new insurer could help you save even more money in the long run. Only make sure to consider whether you're going to wave your goodbye to a loyalty discount.

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