There are several brands those manufactures handheld camcorder and Panasonic is most excellent one of them. At present many small size handheld camcorder are in market which are portable, simple to use and also have media file sharing ability. The handheld camera recorder fulfills the requirements of professionals. The professional always want to go with the best one like best Panasonic AG-HPX255 P2 HD Handheld Camcorder. This Handheld Camcorder is jam packed with more colossal smart features that users will absolutely love such as the following.
The professional gadget AG-HPX255 P2 HD is equipped with bounty of facility in a 5.5 lb small package camcorder. With this Handheld Camcorder user can record the extremely high-quality AVC-Intra 100 MBS codec and also control the camcorder's settings distantly in a studio pattern. It incorporates it into an HD-SDI-based video system. It has 22mm lens (a sober zoom number and at the distances you could find that a simple body move means any hazy impression.)2.2 Mp 1/3inch type 3MOS image sensor and the multitalented HPX255.

It is specially designed for an expert High clarity video production. It has the capability of sharing the wide-angle found in the HVX and DVX series. The lens of latest Cheap Panasonic AG-HPX255 P2 HD Handheld Camcorder offers some supplementary telephoto skill for a 28mm to 616mm zoom range. It makes feasible 18 elements come together in 12 groups. Panasonic AG-HPX255 P2 HD consists of a low-dispersion element, an ultra-high refractive glass element, and aspheric elements.

A well-situated Focus give a hand button make bigger the core of the Liquid Crystal Display screen, consent to test for correct focus rapidly & without difficulty. A spotlight bar that is a sign of the focus level can be exhibited on the LCD. Featuring an incorporated zoom lens it zest of DVCPRO in addition to DV. A range of frame rates are achievable in DVCPRO modes, for inhabitant slow- and fast-motion special effects. Cheap Panasonic AG-HPX255 P2 HD Handheld Camcorder has highly developed monitoring.

With the HPX255 feature of a remote docks professional an easily control the camera settings for instance white balance, gain, shutter speed, iris, recording functions, menu settings and further. There’s turbo-speed one-push auto focus capability especially for full manual mode which guarantees the camcorder fast reach focus.This camcorder is not apt only for professional video shots like cinematography even it is used in smaller news stations, educational institutions, and houses of worship.

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