Risk, Care, Dream, and Expect!

The word ‘business’ has become ubiquitous in this world. In the basest sense, business is the exchange of goods or services with a profit motive. Hence, a majority of our wants are satisfied only one or another form of business. M. J. Jucius and G. R. Terry in their ‘Introduction to Business’ say, “what is gained depends on one’s objectives, interests and curiosity.”

“Business has the capacity to satisfy almost any ambition one may have. It is extensive, subject to man’s manipulation and is made up of many different types of work performed by many different types of people,” they added.

Therefore, the comprehension of business serves a multitude of society’s interests. After all, this is how the wheel of economies revolves; this is the medium through which nations prosper; and not an evil force which exploits the consumers, as many would have you believe. But this is a new world.
A world where a poorly worded tweet from a political leader can incite panic and threats of military action is the kind of uncertain dwelling we are living in today. And there are many more decisions made by people in authoritative roles, even if they don’t make it to the morning headlines, that bear great consequences. In this world and in every other, the importance of good leadership is something that cannot be understated. It is a matter of utmost austerity.

A leadership role in business requires expertise or comprehension of a vast array of disciplines and proficiency over a variety of competencies. The title of this editor’s note, which is a quote by Derek Davis- “Risk, care, dream, and expect”, encapsulates the role of business leadership splendidly.
Business schools play an important role in developing responsible future leaders. In order to do so, firstly, they need to be innovative with what and how they teach, and how they govern. Secondly, they need to stay relevant to the current trends and practices when it comes to impactful teaching, research, and employability. Thirdly, they need to be mindful of accreditation from the right bodies and of accessibility. Lastly, their most important role is of developing the business acumen in the minds of young aspirants.

In this edition of The Knowledge Review magazine - ‘Best Business Schools in Europe, 2021’, we are honoured to showcase some of the inspiring business schools across Europe which are fulfilling the aforementioned duties of business schools whilst influencing the business trends of this great continent, if not, the world.

It is an exciting time in the world right now. So have an exciting time reading through this edition

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