Do you want to know what your future baby will look like? Take a photo of yourself and try out some face-matching apps on for size. There are tons available, but here’s one we found really fun: “Cute or What?".

This game finds matches between two people with similar features as their own faces (e.g., hairstyle) which can then be rated from 1-5 stars based off how much they resemble each other in certain ways such as nose shape/size etc. It's always cool seeing those comparisons made by others around us. 

There are many baby face predictor apps out there, but they don't really tell you what your little one will look like in real life. If that's something that makes up for guessing games and fun then keep scrolling. 

So you want to know what your baby will look like? Well, that's hard. Baby face predictor apps just for fun and don't really predict anything. However they are a lot of fun so keep scrolling if this sounds good with you. 

Baby Face Generator Apps for Android and iOS

You may be wondering if there is a baby generator app that will allow you to see how your pregnancy might turn out. Luckily, we have filtered the best rated and most fun apps on Android & iOS. Take some time checking them all out below - from hilarious games (like Word Jeopardy), quizzes about yourself or what traits are expected of expectant dads these days. You'll find something for everyone who wants create lively discussions at dinner parties this fall with friends near-and-dear ones. 

1. Life Advisor

Life advisor is a new app that lets you see your future baby. The process of using this program is quite simple: upload pictures for mom and dad, then wait until the machine weighs in with what it predicts about their child's appearance.

Life Advisor is a versatile app with tons of features. It's not just for your personal future baby- it can also show you what the person in question will look like! Life advisor works well as long as mom and dad uploads two pictures (one each). 

Uploading those images gives us an idea on whether or not we're having a boy/girl, at least from their side view faces alone; but if both sets are submitted then they'll provide some more info about possible traits too. Such how tall our kids might be when grown up etcetera. It costs $1 USD per month which I think isn't bad considering all that this service offers including detailed descriptions by psychologists specializing. 

2: Baby Maker & Face Generator

New baby on the way? Baby Maker & Face Generator will give you a good idea of what your future kids might look like. This fun app takes only one picture from each parent, and within seconds it creates an adorable newborn.

New parents are always excited to see how their new addition is going be as they grow up- but there's nothing more amazing than seeing these images come true with just one photo from Mom or Dad at hand. Imagine being able create them in advance using this great tool by taking advantage right now while pregnant today. 

The Baby Maker & Face Generator is perfect for expectant parents, but it also has a fun and interactive way of generating your future baby! The app only needs photos from mommy-and daddy (or anyone else in the photo) so that you can see what their child will look like.

Insights: It may seem uncanny at first glance - seeing someone's features copied into another living creature--but if anything there are some pretty amazing similarities between human babies and animal offspring; namely they both come out looking kind of cute without being too spoilery or saccharine sweet.

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