Algae is a part of tank and every aquarium owner has to face them sooner or later. There are many types of algae, such as brown algae, which are generally considered harmless, whereas smear algae can cause damage to your aquarium.

However, algae whether harmful or harmless doesn’t look nice as they disrupt the beautiful appearance of the tank. Algae can overgrow because of several reasons from excessive light to insufficient lighting, bacterial breakdown due to uneaten food to fish wastes and so on so forth.

Well, there are many ways to deal with algae over growth, but the most recommended is to have algae-eating fish in the tank to combat algae problems such as Siamese Algae Eaters (SAE) which assist Aquarzon in keeping algae in check as can be seen on Here is the list of the best algae eaters to control aquarium algae:

Algae eaters come in three different categories: Fish, Snails, and Shrimps!


1. Otocinclus Catfish: Also called dwarf suckers, are perfect algae-eating fish for tanks under 10 gallons. These fish are small in size which gives them the ability to eat algae even in tight spaces. Otocinclus Catfish require minimal care. Though they can eat any kind of algae, but brown algae is their favorite.

2. Guppies: Guppies are not only known for their looks and temperament, but also they are great algae eaters. However, this fish is also prolific breeder. To avoid their offspring in the tank, you can have only one gender.

3. Siamese: One of the most effective algae-eating fish one can have in the tank. Siamese are very productive at algae-eating, and eat all types of algae from green algae to brown algae.

4. Molly Fish: another great algae eating option for smaller tanks are molly fish or Black mollies. Effective algae eating fish as they are able to eat large amounts of algae. These fish come in many varieties, from black mollies to golden mollies. Generally they are friendly fish sometimes they become aggressive.

5. American Flagfish: They come in beautiful and unique colors, and are unique algae eaters. The uniqueness about these fish is they love to stay alone and keep themselves hidden between rocks and within live plants.

6. Endlers Livebearers: also called Tiger Endler's, these are colorful Venezuelan fish used as algae eaters by most aquarium owners. Most often seen to breed with Guppies.

7. African Cichlids: African Cichlids are best
recommended for 10-gallon tanks, these are most productive algae eating fish. They are much smaller in size and come in beautiful colors. Often hide themselves in shells.


8. Nerite Snails: come in appealing shell designs with creative patterns. They are most famous algae eaters, they can eat any type of algae, for they love eating algae . They require medium care, they help you keep your substrate bright clean.

9. Trumpet Snails: they are usually rusty brown and beautiful looking algae eating snails. Their primary food source is algae. Trumpet snails are inactive during the day, and do their feeding and exploring at night.


10. Bamboo Shrimp: are effective algae eaters but not as productive as cherry shrimp or Amano shrimp, they are found in Southeast Asia, and they love to enjoy water flow within aquariums.

11. Cherry Shrimps: widely known for their looks, they are very effective algae eaters for 10 gallon tank. They are amiable with smaller fish. They come in many colors, however, red is the most popular.

12. Amano Shrimp: are the most productive algae eaters in the shrimp category. They not only eat algae, but also eat unconsumed food in your tank, and thereby keeping your tank clean.

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