Blog posting is one of the essential SEO strategies that digital marketers use to make their webpage organically rank at the top of search engine result page. Apart from search engine ranking, from these blogs, the business website gets direct visitors. The one and only thing that we have to keep in mind while creating a blog are to keep the block content original, unique, relevant, and correctly optimized by covering up all the business keywords. Simply publishing blog content over various blogging sites is not enough to produce something valuable. You have to consider a lot of things while writing the blog content as well as while publishing the blog content.

It’s not always possible to cover up the entire services or products that a business deals within a web page, that's why they need for blog post arises. Blog posts allow businesses to publish additional things apart from their major business operations. As a leading SEO Company in Bangalore, we are here to make you familiar with the best SEO blog tips. These tips will definitely help you produce something precious. Let's have a look at the expertly proven and professionally tested basic blog tips that will help you rank your blog at the top.


The keyword is one of the most basic and essential parts of SEO. Without determining a business keyword, it is impossible to do SEO, because SEO is done for a specific keyword to make a webpage rank for that keyword. Then according to that keyword, we have to write a well-optimized SEO content as per the focused, long-tail, and Semantic Keywords. Content is the king when we talk about On Page Optimization services, around 70% role in making a web page or blog post at rank is played by a keyword-optimized content.


The URL of a web page or blog post is its primary identity by which the blog page is recognized. Based on the URL, readers came to know what all information they will get on the associated page. Always try to use a URL that is optimized as per your business keyword and search engine guidelines. The URL should be short, sweet, and adequate enough to satisfy all the associated needs.


The title or heading of a blog post is essential for both the prospective, i.e., search engine as well as the user. It should be optimized for both the search engine and users visiting on your blog post. If any of the both lacks, you will not produce anything valuable. SEO friendliness ensures that the post title is matching the search engine guidelines, while user-friendliness ensures that the post is easily approachable and understandable by the website visitors.


For making a blog post engaging and user-friendly, it is necessary to add images or videos to the post. While adding images ensure to add the image tags, this will help your images to rank at the top of SERP. Also, ensure that the images or videos you are attaching to your blog post should be unique, i.e., should be free from any copyright issues.
Experts have suggested the images makes a blog post engaging and user-friendly by following SEO blog tips. Most of the website visitors don't like to read the plain textual content. They love to go through the infographics or images, rich in visual content. We can also use flow diagrams to easily make the visitors aware of what we want to say in our article.


After Meta Title, the Meta description is another necessary aspect of a blog post that decides where should a blog post rank in the SERP. It is not possible to include everything in a Mata title, so the description section is provided to describe all the necessary details about the blog post. Try to use the main keyword in the starting of the description, in between and at the end also.


While writing blog content, just making it keyword optimized is not necessary, we have to keep it easily readable and understandable to the visitors. Try to keep the sentences short; don’t stretch them into long sentences. Keep the language simple and direct to the point. You get a very few time to convince the visitor to scroll down, if your content readability is poor then the visitor will jump out of the page.
The readability of a blog post can be improved by writing short sentences, small paragraphs, using bulleted lists, headings, and punctuations. I would like to prefer you to use grammar checker and readability score checker to ensure that the article is user as well as SEO friendly.


There is a vast ocean of users over the web, and this user base is divided into various divisions. We have to target our potential clients by selecting specific categories, sub-categories, and tags. There are some particular set of rules and regulations for publishing a blog post within any particular category and under any tag. We have to create a blog post content as per these guidelines and set of rules; otherwise, the blog post will not be accepted there.
Let’s understand the basic blog tips and importance of tags, categories for a blog post with an example. If we write a book, then the table of content, categories, and tag that we used will be the index part of the book.


While writing an SEO optimized and user-friendly content, we have to consider a wide range of aspects. The first thing is making a keyword-rich content, but we have to keep the keyword density around 1% of the total blog post length. Bigger the blog post in length, more we will be able to put the keywords in it, and more we will be able to include the information in it. Search engines prefer the blog posts with most widespread details about any topic to make them appear at the top of SERP.
You are suggested to use the LSI keywords in your blog post content; it will attract the variation of topics that users are searching over the web. It's not always easy to make a webpage rank at the top of SERP; we can use LSI Keywords, the possibility of these keywords to appear at the SERP are higher.


It's not like that your role ends after writing the blog post and publishing it over the web. You have to keep the blog post updated with the latest trends and time to time; you also have to change the keywords by which you want to make your blog post rank. Most of the people keep themselves engaged in writing more new blogs without thinking of their older posts. It’s not a good practice; you have to keep your older blog posts updated with the latest SEO trends by timely updating them newer content and more optimized keywords.


Interlinking is the process of internally linking your one blog post with the other to allow your blog visitors easily navigate from one blog to the other as per their needs. Try to keep at least 2 to 3 interlinks in every blog post; it is both a good search engine as well as user-friendly practice. Never try to add many internal links, it will make your blog post looks abusive, and the user never likes such blog posts.


While creating and designing a blog post, we can't ignore the importance of responsive blog designing. As per the Google latest updates, the blog posts should be fully optimized to all types of devices such as a mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. With the rise in the number of mobile users, the priority to mobile-optimized web pages is higher as compared to that of web-optimized design. So try to make your blog post fully responsive and optimized concerning both the search engine as well as the user.


The loading speed of the blog that you are running is one of the most crucial factors that matters in search engine optimization blogger. Search engine prefers a page with the faster loading speed and makes the speedily loading pages appear at the top of SERP. Research has revealed that the user never would like to re-visit if that page takes more than 4 seconds to load. Slow loading blog sites are prone to higher bounce rate and low dwell time. Because no one has enough time to wait for a webpage to load, everyone prefers fast-loading sites. The speed of the blog can be boosted by compressing CSS, JavaScript, and Images. It can also be done by using CDN and transferring the domain to a fast loading hosting.

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