We were asking many questions about the first trailer that Bernipk shared. Not only did we have
no idea what the film would be about, but we didn't know exactly when it would be released. The
article that talked about the trailer in question made us hope for the release of the short film
towards the end of February, but it seemed that Bernipk did not have the same ideas at all. He
hadn't made any new publications since his last video shared on February 08. On his Instagram
account, he periodically published on his story, different messages such as, "Please let me
surprise you", "Thanks for waiting this long" and very recently, "I will be back next week ..." . It was
his way of keeping his followers informed.
But no one expected his return this Monday. He surprised us all with his second trailer that
leaves us all moved and announces the film for this Friday March 6, 2020.

As he used to do, he revealed little on the main topic of the short film, but let's say that the
suspense he creates, reveals more on the beauty of the masterpiece that he is about to share
with us. He immersed us in an emotion of pride in just a minute and two seconds. We have
absolutely no idea what we will be watching on Friday, but there is one thing we notice for the
short time we spend watching his videos. Bernipk never stopped impressing with each of the
videos he shared. He has made tremendous progress and there is always something new, a little
something that he adds to each new publication. We can say that he has a strong passion for
what he does and he spends a lot of time working hard on his ideas. But concerning the short
film, we can only imagine scenes for the moment.
Be sure to follow him on his Youtube page "@BERNIPK where he will publish the short film. He did
not say the exact time when he will put it online, so follow him on his other platforms (Instagram,
Facebook and twitter) with the same username. He will surely announce the time a few days
before March 06.

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Taylor has worked in various senior roles including, sales, manufacturing, and commercial.

During this time he has gained an invaluable insight into the day-to-day pressures that go with such leadership roles and the expectations to be met.