Benissa is located on the coast between the towns of Valencia and Alicante with its nearest neighbouring town being Calpe. Due to its location you can spend the day in places such as Benidorm, Altea, Denia and Torrevieja. This is a good reason to base your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS in Benissa. Benissa also has over four kilometres of coastline which includes a wide range of activities such as quiet coves hidden among pine trees and some secluded beaches only reachable when you climb down a small cliff. The Spanish upper class have used this area for their holidays which gives you some idea of its quality. With its own picturesque feel you can understand why Benissa has been dubbed “Little Europe” especially with tourists from all over the continent using this as their holiday destination.

Most people travel to Spain for the sun, sea and sand and Benissa has all this in abundance. You could sit on the beach topping up your tan while sipping a glass of sangria or if you like there are any number of water sports you can take part in. With several beaches, covered in white sand, you have a lot of places to choose from but if you don't mind a little climbing there are even more available to you including small picturesque coves where you can have a little me time in places such as Els Pinets, El Abogat, La Fustera and El Baladrar. If you can’t be bothered with the beach in the early evening why not sit on your balcony while the sun slowly slips below the horizon and enjoy the scenery with palm trees and terraced vineyards decorating the mountain slopes, what better way to finish off the day than with a glass of locally produced wine in your hand with all this scenery laid out in front of you.

No matter which village or town you visit in Spain they all have a local delicacy that they call their own. You will find that most of the local dishes have been developed down through the ages with each generation or culture adding their own touch to it, changing it in one way or another. The next village could be just around the corner but the dish served in both places are probably similar in name only This is why the cuisine in Spain is often referred to as a melting pot. You will find these same style of dishes here in Benissa such as a stew made with octopus that you need to order before you come to the restaurant as it takes some time to cook or maybe they have to catch the thing first. If this doesn't fill your tummy then you might try and fill it with the local wine.

If you tire of relaxing in your flat or sitting on the beach take a stroll through this historic village. There are many sites within the village itself. As you stroll along amongst elegant monuments and buildings you will soon begin to have a surreal feeling that is indescribable. When you reach the towns centre you can't help but notice the wealth and importance that is exudes from this timeless place especially with its fortified 14th century church and old trade building.

When you use Benissa as your base for your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS there are many places to visit close by but you will still need a car. To start with there is the coastal town of Javea and others such as Moraira Pedreguer and Benitachell. If you would like to venture a little further north you will run in to the city of Valencia and to the south is Alicante. Whatever place you choose you will have an excellent day out.

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