Benefits Of Belonging To A Master Mind Alliance Group

By Rick Gettle

Founder/President - The Master Mind Alliance International – Since 1970

As you know, to remain successful, you must have a maintenance program. Just like a healthy and strong body; if you don’t continue to work out, you start slipping backwards.

Achieving success and maintaining success are two different animals. The world is filled with people who at one time were very successful, but without structure to maintain their success, they started falling backward, becoming more negative, losing their inspiration, their vision, their energy, and eventually -- losing hope.

Most self-help programs: Motivational seminars; books; and cassette tapes; provide excellent ideas to help you on your path to achieving MORE success.



To Fulfill Your Needs And Wants And Overcome Your Obstacles And Adversities In Life
In Less Time - And With Less Effort

An avalanche of new knowledge, wisdom, information, changes, new products, new ideas, new technologies and new challenges are compounding so fast that most people are having a hard time keeping up. Many are falling behind.

In a constant effort to do more with less, our world seems to become more frenzied every day. Security issues and national politics change rapidly. We have to know more, be more, and do more than ever before. There seems to be no time for planning future personal or career moves, or thinking creatively about business issues.

One avenue that has been working well for people for many years is to belong to The Master Mind Alliance Success Clubs International ® 1970 and attend our fast paced Successercising ® brainstorming/workshop meetings.

Belonging to a Master Mind Alliance group gives you contacts and resources to make planning and goal setting easier. The group helps you stay on course when everything seems to be pulling you in different directions. Master Mind Alliance groups are spawning all over the country, offering support and specialized knowledge to people in every industry and sector.

A Master Mind Alliance group consists of people who work together in absolute harmony to achieve diverse goals. The group members come together weekly to brainstorm ideas, share knowledge, and help each other discover the tools to realize their dreams. While these people work well together, they may be very different from each other. The common element is that each draws something from the others, and each contributes freely to the group. It is the focusing of each mind on a common issue that triggers thoughts not readily available to one mind. Those in the group draw upon their unique experiences and specialized knowledge to help each other.

When many minds concentrate on a single point, the activity generates a power over and above the sum total of each of the individual minds. It is as though an invisible force joins the group and provides additional insight. As a result, the group members accomplish more than any one person could have accomplished individually.

“Whatever The Mind Can Conceive, And Believe, It Can Achieve” …. Napoleon Hill


* Establish your goals
* Keep you “on track” with your goals
* Supply you with the added fuel to keep intensifying your desires and goals
* Give you a “sounding board” to experiment with new ideas
* Give you creative ideas and solutions that work
* Sustain you during periods of self-doubt and low energy
* Help you overcome procrastination and keep you motivated


* Satisfying Maximum Performance
* Career Progress
* More Personal Freedom
* More Harmonious Day-To-Day Living
* Improved Career And Personal Relationships
* Personal Recognition
* Maximum Materialization Of Priority Goals

Benefits of Participating in The Master Mind Alliance Success Clubs International:

We will help you uncover, develop, achieve and maintain your “Definite Major Purpose In Life.”

You will be listened to in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

You will have the support and encouragement of a network of successful people to move your business or projects forward.

You will dramatically increase your chances of reaching your goals, as a group of people will assist you in brainstorming for solutions and action steps.

By sharing your goals and results you are motivated by accountability.

You will have more fun while others cheer you on to greater results.

You will be able to bounce ideas off of the group and get helpful feedback before you implement action, saving yourself time, energy and money.

You will find solutions to your problems from proactive, objective people who want you to succeed.

You will gain increased self-mastery and leadership skills as you support and coach other group members.

You will be a part of something very special.

You will develop meaningful relationships with others.

You will gain and maintain greater financial security, freedom, happiness and peace of mind

You will learn how to live a more meaningful, successful, and satisfying life.

You will learn how to create greater harmony In all human relationships

You will get a great deal more done - with a lot less effort

You will be learning from a well-established foundation and body of material to consider from the wisest masters of all times

You will learn how to become a master at success habit formation, fixation, and mastery

We use modern technology to save you time – We meet online from our home or office with access to 5,000,000,000 billion other people who are also available every 24 hours with their modern cell phones

It's one thing to read about success principles - it's another to understand the principles, and why they are so very important for you to implement them in your life....that's the difference between “The Master Mind Alliance Success Clubs International” and any other master mind group or success achievement training program.

The End

Rick Gettle
Success Achievement Consultant/Publisher/Author/
Speaker/Teacher/Trainer/Coach – Since 1970

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Author's Bio: 

Rick Gettle Bio:

President/Founder Of The Master Mind Alliance International, Philosopher, Publisher, Author, Success Achievement Consultant, Teacher, Speaker, Trainer, Human Resources Development Consultant, And Personal Coach To Individuals, Including Managers And Owners Of Many Mainstream Businesses.

Rick Started Studying Napoleon Hill’s Books And Works In 1951 At The Age Of 20 When He Was Working As A Crew Member On A Ship Heading For India, And Since Then Read Each One Over Thirty-Five Times (He Stopped Counting): Law Of Success, Think And Grow Rich, The Master Key To Riches, Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, You Can Work Your Own Miracles And Succeed And Grow Rich Through Persuasion.

Then, He Started Buying Every Other Book He Could Find On The Works Of All Of The Most Successful Writers On Success And Achievement Over The Last 60 Years, And Reading The Best Ones Again And Again. (You Will Find All Of These Book Titles Listed In His Book) “The Science Of Success Achievement Course,” Which Is Listed #1 Out Of 25,000,000 Google Listings Under “Success Achievement Courses,” And, Also, #1 Out Of 20,000,000 Google Listings Under, “Success Achievement Books.”

Rick Spent Three Years In The Army Air Corp And Another Three Years In The United States Merchant Marines And Then From 1954 Until 1960 He Spent His Time In Professional Selling, Sales Training And Sales Management.

From 1961 Until 1970, He Was In Advertising, Promotion And Marketing.

In 1970, Rick Represented Nightingale/Conant Corp (Earl Nightingale’s Company. Earl Was Heard Daily On Over 1,000 Radio Stations), Rick Also Represented “Success Unlimited” Magazine, And Bought A Distributorship To Market Napoleon Hill’s “Philosophy Of Success” Program And Started Teaching His Success Principles.

He Created The Master Mind Alliance Success Clubs International, (Which Is Now #1 Out Of 40,000,000 Google Listings Under Success Clubs), To Help His Students Follow Through And Put The Principles Into Practice.

In 1971, Rick Started Developing And Teaching His Own Course, “The Science Of Success Achievement Course.” His 426 Page 8 ½ X 11 Book Covers 142 Of The Most Important Lessons On Achieving And Maintaining Greater Financial Security, Freedom, Peace Of Mind And Happiness In Life – And How To Live A More Satisfying, Rewarding, And More Meaningful Life.

Since Then, He Has Been Teaching It Live On An Average Of 3 Times Per Week – 52 Weeks Per Year – For Over 40 Years. There Were Times When Had Over 6 Different Classes Going On Per Week. That Comes To Over 6,440 Times He Has Taught His Success Course.

Some Of The Groups He Taught The Course To Included New Your Life, Metropolitan Life, Amway, Mary Kay Beauty Consultants, Herbal Life Distributors, Shearson Leamen, Century 21 Realty, Prudential, Coldwell Banker, San Quentin Prison, The Delancy Street Foundation, People On Self Growth.Com, FACEBOOK, And Linkedin.

In The Early 80’s, Rick Got A Phone Call From A Mr. John Haid Who Was The President Of The Napoleon Hill Academy. He Said That He Heard Quite A Bit About Rick’s Classes And That He Wanted To Fly Out To San Francisco To Meet With Him. When They Got Together, He Told Rick He Was Going To Set Up A Napoleon Hill Academy Franchise In Northern California And Wanted To Find The Most Qualified Person To Run It. He Was Here For About A Week And Interviewed Several Eager People Who Wanted That Privilege, Including Rick. Many Of Them Were Very Successful And Had Lots Of Money To Gladly Pay For The Franchise. After Several Meetings With Each One Of the Prospects, John Decided That Rick Was The Most Knowledgeable On Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles And Gave The Franchise To Him.