It does not force you to join the gym. It is an exercise that even those who are afraid of the gym will accept. The latest fashion, which you are invited to follow for the sake of your health and to weaken your humps, is a simple daily walk.

Walking strengthens leg muscles, quadriceps, triceps, buttocks and buttocks. But most importantly, this exercise is much better for the joints. It’s not a high intensity exercise. Therefore, while strengthening and stabilizing the muscles around the most important joints, it simultaneously reduces the fatigue and pressure exerted on the cartilage and minimizes the risk of joint injuries.
A daily walk can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes. A quick walk in the neighborhood can help treat a wider range of disorders, from sexual dysfunction to cognitive decline.

The technique
Walking around unnecessarily while you look at shop windows will not help you take advantage of walking. Instead, your fine-tune the technique with which you walk, keep your body upright with your hands on your side and rub your belly so that the basic muscles work. You should not have your fists tightened. First step on the heel, take one step forward with your right foot and move your hands in the opposite direction. Transfer your weight through the heel to your right foot.

A common mistake is to let your hands swing in any direction instead of back and forth. Also having them perfectly straight without even a curve is another bad practice. It is very difficult to walk at any speed without the impulse of hand movement.

Using your old footwear for walking will not be good for you. Running shoes generally have a high heel to control the movement of the back of the foot. But this feature is not necessary for walking. Instead, all he can do is to tire excessively the tibia muscles, which causes pain and inflammation. Instead, you can use specific walking shoes with a bigger curve at the fingertips than running shoes, a flexible shock absorbing sole and breathing from the top. The boots and sandals are unsuitable for a strong walk as they do not bend at all and have stiff soles."

A specialized sporting goods store might advise you to buy the right shoes. The shoes help the foot to roll forward, which forces you to make more effort. This has the effect of strengthening your legs and fighting cellulite.

Benefits against strokes
There is a lot of evidence that when you walk often you do not only improve your physical condition but also your mental health and ability. Only five to ten minutes of walking a day can significantly reduce the desire for cigarettes to those who try to quit. Relatively small doses of exercise are good because they can help you control your unwavering desire for cigarettes and cigarettes.
Walking can also improve memory and prevent its loss. Older men who cannot walk or walk less than 200 meters a day are twice as likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer's as those who walk more than 3 km a day.

Fights diseases
Fast walking can prevent a city cruiser from many diseases, from cancer to diabetes. Weight training is proposed because it is thought to strengthen the bones, while the cardiovascular benefits we have from walking, converts it automatically in an ideal exercise that protects us from heart disease ".

Weight loss
Overweight people who walked fast for 30-60 minutes a day lost 3.5 pounds in about 18 months even though they did not change their daily habits at all. People who walked for at least four hours a day were on average 4.5 kg less than those who, as they grew up, did not walk.

You should embody the sudden outburst in your daily walk, that is, while you walk slowly, you suddenly start running: Trying to overtake others is a very good idea. The sooner you get, the more excited you will be.

Variety in walking
If you walk on softer surfaces, such as mud, sand, or grass, or uphill, you spend more energy. When your foot is pressed against a soft surface, it creates a resistance that is useful for any reason you exercise for. When you want on the beach, you practice and in the meanwhile you are having an excellent break from your daily routine.
There is no doubt that any type of exercising is vital for you but walking is the easiest form of all the above. Get your right shoes on and explore the city or the nature around you. Start walking alone or with a company and see all the great results that walking will give you. Do not waste any more time. Keep walking

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