With the new developments in the radiology happening every now and then, now it has become easier for radiologists and doctors to improve the patient care. With the help of the latest PACS Teleradiology software, doctors are able to capture, view, share and record a variety of images of patients including X-ray, ultrasounds, CT scans and many more. Radiology technology utilizes Internet and various other networks to enable physicians and radiologists to send and receive medical digital images and reports between two and more people. Even if your medical facility is small one and you are located in a remote area, still you can benefit from RIS or PACS solutions to access specialist for consultation.

PACS Systems in radiology work with radiology information system, which is the software solution used to translate digital images and reports into DICOM images and then enable those pictures to be sent over world wide web. A PACS Teleradiology system is used in conjunction with a web viewer that enables users to store, view and finally distribute your medical images and reports across digital environments. This system has just revolutionized the way of imaging in the medical field. You no longer need film based images now, which used to take lots of time and efforts, plus it was very difficult to maintain the record and storage of such types of pictures. They were not easy to distribute and share.

To ensure that you comply with rules and regulations of several medical regulatory authorities, you require safe and secure storage of medical images and reports. All records must be kept secure for several years, as it helps in referring to these records, if the need arises. By using PACS solutions, medical organizations are able to store images and reports in a tiny fraction of the space required for hard copy files. The best thing is that all pictures and records can be backed up to CD, DVD or tape. They can also be backed up on an offsite server for quick access or retrieval of information. With help of these imaging solutions, one can view and improve images for better patient care. For example, you can take picture and zoom in, change the brightness or contrast or do many other things to get the image for clear diagnosis.

Using Teleradiology means you promise better and enhanced patient care. It improves medical operational efficiency and thereby enhances the client base enabling hospitals or other healthcare service providers to earn high profits. RIS software connects to your web viewer or workstation and you can set protocols using this software so that only authorized personnel have the ability to distribute medical images. Thus, the advent of these radiology systems is boom to medical imaging.

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