Live video streaming is one of the trends in 2018. The possibilities to make Live video streaming online are constantly increasing as the importance of this form of communication continues to gain in importance.

Before (online) marketers and entrepreneurs respond to this, they often hesitate. Do I really need Live video streaming services? What is the added value of my company or brand? Let there be no doubt, video streaming services Australia offers a lot of opportunities. But how do you use Live video streaming? And what do you have to pay attention to?

Today, a video is one of the most important means of content marketing. Whether it is on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or YouTube, a video should not be lacking in the content you create (for social media). This was the case last year and is still applicable. Perhaps even more than in the past due to the spread of Live video streaming.

1. Is accessible

Live video streaming is very accessible. Anyone who has an account on a social media channel with Live video streaming functionality can watch Live video streamings. The expression 'anytime, anywhere' certainly applies here. In just a few seconds, consumers can watch Live video streaming whether it is on their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

2. Is personal

Perhaps the biggest advantage of video streaming services is the unique opportunity for consumers to look through the sometimes forced professionalism and rehearsed phrases that can be seen in many other contents. When you live in a company or brand, you do not have time to plan your next sentence and it is very difficult to keep a script. Consumers, therefore, learn about companies and brands in a personal way.

3. Is interactive

Live video streaming offers consumers the opportunity to interact with a company or brand in a fast and unique way. As a consumer, you can post questions, comments or other reactions to a Live video streaming. These can be picked up and there can even be a real discussion with the questioner. This high degree of involvement creates more social media comments and creates a stronger and more personal bond between the consumer and the company or brand.

4. Calls urgency

Live video streaming has something that people want to attune to and also keep watching. Consumers are curious and do not want to miss anything. Often even when the streamer is someone, a company or brand that we otherwise pay little attention to. Studies show that people watch 3 times longer Live video streamings than videos that are no longer live.

5. Visibility

Video scores better in the newsfeeds of social media than photos and text. For example, those who already experimented with Facebook Live came to the pleasant conclusion that live broadcasts are strongly pushed into the timeline of your followers. Live images are viewed on average three times longer than regular video. The number of reactions even rises to tenfold.

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