Laser cutting machines are high-speed machines that can cut through various types of metals and other materials using a laser beam. Most commonly, these machines are used in industrial applications, and are considered an integral part of metal fabrication projects. Typically, laser cutting is used on stainless steel and mild steel and can produce high-quality components for OEMs, food and beverage industry players, auger flighting and so on.

Besides speed and accuracy, the greatest advantage of laser cutting is that it produces smooth and well-finished components from metal stock. This brings down the need for expensive and time-consuming secondary finishing operations. There are certain leading metal fabrication firms that provide laser cutting services using leading-edge machinery. Such firms can typically offer you laser cutting capabilities up to ¾" Mild Steel, 3/8" Stainless Steel, ¼" Aluminum.
The process of cutting using laser could be followed up by other processes such as forming, welding, and painting or powder coating. Laser cutting machines that feature desirable attributes such as load/unload system and the ability to operate even during power cuts are a better investment.

Here are some other advantages of laser cutting:

•This cutting method is not only comparatively more rapid, but is also an extremely efficient way to produce flat metal shapes with intricate contours and hard-to-achieve angles. Manufacturers that require such shapes are often not entirely satisfied by regular metal stamping performance. Laser machines for cutting fill this void.

•While economies of scale are a given on large production runs, producing small part volumes is not incredibly expensive with laser cutting. This makes it a viable option for short as well as long runs.

•Material wastage is minimized in this particular cutting technique, thanks to the close nesting of parts. There are several software programs that nest components in the most efficient manner. Enterprises lose thousands of dollars every year in scrap. However, the smart use of laser cutting machines helps minimize this wastage.

•Conventional cutting techniques had a high part-damage percentage owing to mechanical contact between the cutting tool and the metal being cut. However, laser beams do not make ‘mechanical’ contact with the metal being cut, eliminating machine damage.

•As compared to other cutting technologies such as waterjet cutting and plasma cutting for gauge sheet metal, laser cutting technology is several times more precise and faster.

Laser cutting machines have changed the dynamics of the metal forming industry by bringing in more speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness. However, it is important to note here, that choosing a firm that offers only laser cutting capabilities is not the best business decision. You need a firm that can offer several other services such as forming, punching, machining, welding, and metal finishing under a single roof.

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