Ghee is a nutritional powerhouse with heart-healthy fats.
Desi Ghee has been one of the most popular ingredients in Indian food for centuries and one of the most popular cooking ingredients in almost every Indian household. Summer has set in and now, the preparations for the same have begun in full swing. Everyone must have started their summer special skincare routines at home and now, it’s time to revamp your kitchen. When summer strike we try to include fresh, warm foods in the diet. Desi Ghee is one of the many food items which you would like to add in your daily diet in summer to keep the laziness away. Of course, glowing skin is a great benefit too! It is part of almost every signature summer dish or dessert.
Ghee is an effective remedy for those suffering from constipation. Having a cup of hot milk with 1 spoon full of desi ghee at bedtime can boost metabolism and help get fresh easy in the morning. People have been using ghee for hair growth and can also be treated as hair oil. It nourishes your scalp and stimulates hair growth making it longer and stronger. Consuming a spoonful of ghee in each meal every day will help in keeping the warmth in our body. You can add it in your sabzis, dal, rice, or even apply a spoonful of it on rotis.
Ghee in the diet is an easy way to improve your immunity level. Desi ghee is rich in fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K, which helps in strengthening immunity. It is a known lubricant and helps in reducing the inflammation caused in joints.
Here are top 8 benefits of eating desi ghee every day during summer:
1 Eases Constipation
2 Keeps you warm
3 Healthy Hair
4 Soft and Glowing Skin
5 Relieves congested nose
6 Boost Energy
7 Strong immune system
8 Joint lubrication
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