A no threshold shower offer some significant benefits, particularly for people who may have mobility issues or aging people who want to stay independent longer.

Typically, conventional showers have a raised threshold that can cause a falling hazard when stepping into or out of them.

A no threshold shower has a completely smooth transition into the shower from the main floor of the bathroom. There is no difference in elevation and no step or threshold to overcome. With reasonable space, wheelchairs can even be rolled into these showers, allowing for increased independence, better hygiene, and more comfortable bathing.

For aging people or people with limited mobility, this type of shower can allow them to stay in their homes or bathe themselves without assistance for longer than a conventional shower might.

Drainage is a question for many people since water on the floor can increase the potential for a slip. These showers are very safe. A very slight incline in the floor directs the water to a drain in the shower so water is contained and does not seep out onto the main floor of the bathroom. This drain is often a long, thin channel drain. The slight incline in the floor is only in one direction as opposed to a four-way slope in a conventional, circular drain.

Because these showers do not have a raised threshold of any kind, they are also easier to keep clean. There is nowhere for water to collect and nowhere for mold or bacteria to begin growing unnoticed.

Another benefit to these showers is that they can make the bathroom more light and open. Most have glass walls and enhance the flow and appearance of the bathroom.

No threshold showers can often be installed into an existing bathroom without too much effort or expense.

They are an important and viable way for aging people or people with limited mobility to stay independent longer with less effort.

no threshold shower

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