Laser Engraving or Laser Marking is a process facilitated by a computer where a logo or text is engraved by removing approximately 0.7 mm to 1 mm of the surface of the substance on which it is getting engraved. There is a specialized process by which a laser beams’ focal point is directed by a computer onto the substance in which it is to be engraved. The laser engraving can be done on any substance like metal or plastic item for branding purpose.

There is a long history behind the wonderful process of laser engraving. In 1916, the invention of Albert Einstein which taught us about the light amplification by stimulated process of radiation. Based on Einstein’s discovery, further work was done on this invention and the application of this discovery was finally found out in 1960s. Scientists have worked on this theory and had found out that light can be created from a source and if this light is focused on a particular point, then the energy can be used to engrave a particular substance. The word ‘LASER’ is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission for Radiation. When this energy of light is emitted from a particular point, the energy is strong enough to engrave a particular substance like a metal or plastic. With the help of Laser Engraving and Laser Etching, you can engrave very fine precision work on tiny items. This cannot be done by conventional engraving process.

There are a number of benefits in laser engraving process. In this process a delicate laser beam is the only instrument used for engraving. One does not need to use harsh chemicals or high temperatures for the engraving process as compared to the harsh processes adopted in the conventional engraving processes. There are no harmful residues left after the process. There is no amount of environment pollution when it comes to laser engraving. Absolutely no dust or chemical residues are formed at the end of the process. With the improvement and development of technology, the laser engraving process is used to produce intricate and detailed images and logos on the items.

This technology finds its applications in a number of purposes in which it is very fruitfully used. The corporate gifts, the promotional materials of the different brands for their publicity and branding are being done with the help of laser engraving technology.
There are a number of benefits that are available in the process of laser engraving technology. The engraving formed by laser is a permanent marking and stays on the substance for lifetime. There is a lot of graphic flexibility that happens when it comes to laser engraving. Repeat marking of same design is possible with the help of laser engraving.

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