Fish oil is a useful protein that could be obtained either by taking fish as a whole or by using its supplements. Fishes are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is proposed to have a number of beneficial effects such as treating ailments of heart and the blood system. A lot of benefits seem to arise from this omega 3 fatty acid for the body as the body does not originally produce these oils. This oil could be used for decreasing swelling and pain and is effective in treating psoriasis and dry eyes, they are recommended for healing heart conditions as it prevents blood from getting clotted easily.

Health benefits of fish oils:

Consumption of fish oil seems to decrease triglyceride levels and treat heart diseases and decrease the risk of developing heart problems in risk population. Other effects of consuming fish oil are to prevent an age related eye disorder known as macular degeneration, it helps in the prevention of blood vessels getting blocked after an angioplasty, helps avoid miscarriage in pregnant women with autoimmune disorders, it helps in the treatment of asthma and minimizes the need for medications in children suffering from Asthma.

Heart blocks caused by hardening of arteries seem to decrease in its extent with regular consumption of fish oil. It helps in treating children with attention deficit hyperactive disorders and in treating depression associated with bipolar disorders and helps in enhancing their mood. Fish oil seems to help cancer patients deal with the weight loss associated with their health problem. People with mild symptoms of psychosis should take fish oil on a regular basis to avoid worsening of the condition.

Side effects of fish oil:

Though fish oil seems to have numerous health benefits, there are some worst side effects associated with it. Some of them are

Liver problems, fish oil might enhance the risk of bleeding in people with a scarred liver.

People who are allergic to seafood might be allergic to these fish oil supplements.

While fish oil helps in enhancing mood, it might sometimes worsen manic symptoms in bipolar mood disorders.

There are some concerns that state that consumption of fish oil could make diabetic control difficult.

Fish oil could decrease blood pressure and in some individuals might decrease it too low creating unwanted medical problems.

In conditions where the immune response is lowered, high doses of fish oil can be bad and lower the immune response further.

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