Yesterday I went to see a one man play called Buddha: The Fantastic Journey, directed by John C. Reily. While I was engaged in the one man act, I realized the story of Siddhartha could easily have been a story about your life or mine. The Buddha was a man who left his wife and child to go on an inner quest to find enlightenment. Many may disagree with thechoice to leave a newborn child and wife to go on this kind of selfish act, but when you look at the bigger picture, you are able to see that everyone is on their own path. What's right for one, may not be right for another.

While the Buddha created a world renowned philosophy followed by many women, children, monks, and men of today, I realized his great achievement could really have been a story about anyone. We're are all on a path, doing great things and leaving our mark on this planet. The difference between the Buddha and perhaps you or I, is that he embraced the journey. He made a conscious decision to not care how he was perceived by his father or his demons. It was his perspective about life, his mistakes, and struggles that proved to me that the darkness is always there if you choose to let it be a part of your path. However, when you stick to your path wholeheartedly others become inspired by your wisdom. Your path unveils your true gifts.

The image that came to mind throughout the play was one of me rushing through life, scheduling all hours of the day with tasks, making do lists or making plans for the future. It's seems daunting filling every hour of the day with a laundry list of things to do. If you have faith, eventually everything comes full circle. A deep breath is a great reminder that everything is as it should be. Unfortunately, if you continue to rush through life, you may find yourself plagued with an illness, longing for intimacy, or stressed out by a career you don't love.

Our health is just another area of life where some might get wrapped up in feeling impatient. When you are sick you can't wait to feel better. When you are healthy, you don't think about your health as often. Why is remaining present and living wholeheartedly in the moment so challenging? And if this is part of the journey why is it important? What are the lessons that we are to learn from these difficult times?

When you have a problem in your life (and for this example, let's choose the greatest of your problems) more often than not, those problems are your gifts lashing out at you. For example: I suffered many years with health issues, but it wasn't until over a decade later that I decided to take my health into my own hands. My health problems were actually my gifts wrapped up in disguise. Had I look at my health from a holistic perspective my life may have been much different. Ask yourself if there is an area in your life where the same thing keeps happening over and over again bringing your discomfort. Chances are those are your gifts.

It can be extremely difficult to see what your gifts are because looking in the mirror, naked in your skin, discovering your imperfections, and standing up to those who don't agree with your path may leave you resisting to pursue those gifts. I have caught myself on numerous occasions "trying to rush things" or feeling "dissatisfied with my achievements." As a 36 year old woman I've often felt I should be further in my career, when I know deep down those feelings are symptoms from years of a distorted perspective.

As I write these words I am reminding myself to enjoy the process. When problems arise, I'll choose to see them as potential gifts that haven't been exercised yet. The only one holding you back to healing your body or becoming successful in your business is you. As you walk this planet see your set backs as wabi-sabi; the beauty of imperfections. You'll be shocked to learn those imperfections are your gifts. When you get a glimpse of them don't be frightened because when you embrace your journey that's when life creates a calmness, a buddha-like feeling, that faciliates energy, and heals all wounds.

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