Have you ever pondered why we come here to Planet Earth? Where you come here from?

We come to this place to learn about LOVE. Where we come from—Home--love is all there is. Love is energy, and it is the energy that is given to us from the Creator to support and sustain us. Because there is only love where we came from, it would be impossible for us to fully understand what love is. So we came here and borrowed these bodies in order to experience the lack of love. We created a marvelous game to assist us in this learning. We used these “borrowed” bodies to make us think we were separate from each other and from Source. According to the rules of this game, we believed that we were victims of the actions of the others and that we could be wounded and even die.

We are starting to awaken from this nightmare. Part of this process is helping each of us to remember that we are not alone. We are Beings of Love, and as we look into the eyes of each other we can see a piece of ourselves. Another step is to let go of all those old wounds and hurts we’ve become so attached to so that we can heal from the pain we have created. All these wounds are our creations, and are waiting on us to liberate them. An easy way to do this is to acknowledge our part and ask forgiveness. Here’s a great way: “I am sorry I created you. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

This is all in alignment with the plan of the Architect who created the Universe. Each of our souls agreed to assist each other in this remembering process. We signed up to play the roles of both the Dark and the Light. We wouldn’t have been able to play the game if there hadn’t been two teams—it’s impossible to play tug-of-war when there is nobody on the other end of the rope!

One of the guidelines that we seem to have forgotten is that we are not supposed to judge, neither another nor ourselves. When tempted to judge another person or situation as bad or wrong, it helps to remember two things: this is the game of Love, and we are playing it in order to learn; and everything is a reflection of us, so when we judge something we are simply judging a part of ourselves we don’t like. When we can just observe from the point of view of a third party witness, the urge to judgment becomes less, and our connection to all is strengthened.

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Jean Adrienne is the creator of InnerSpeak, a powerful tool for clearing away the blocks that keep us from creating the reality we truly desire. Her website is www.JeanAdrienne.com