Happy New Year to you! How is your 2012 so far? What commitments have you made for the year ahead? What changes will take place in your life this year? And what are you doing about being more YOU?

Allow me to explain.

At the beginning of a new year, a lot of advice is flying around … how you can look different; how you can feel different; what you can accomplish; how successful you can be in various areas of your life, and … and …

Ugh! Even considering all of that de-energizes me and jangles my nervous system!

In the past, I felt a heavy burden in the New Year to accomplish, to succeed, to change. I ended up overwhelmed and overstretched. I expected way too much of myself, I set unrealistic goals, and I slipped into procrastination.

Does that pattern sound familiar to you?

When I’m mentoring my students, I encourage them to stretch themselves, to the point of feeling uncomfortable, but there needs to be a balance. When we’re only focused on where we need to go, it’s easy to overlook where we’ve already been and what’s already been accomplished.

Perhaps we should spend a little bit of time on simply “being more YOU!”

In our zeal to grow, we sometimes forget what it is that we are growing – it is the fundamental core of who we are, that which sets us apart from others, that which defines our values, that which gifts each of us with a YOUniqueness. There is plenty of good there, some of it coaxed, some of it instilled, some still hidden waiting for your approval.

This year, rather than only focusing on who you could be and what needs to change, I encourage you to spend time considering how you can be more YOU, and who you are already.

Take a moment to consider these questions:

1. This year, how can I be even more me (not who they want me to be; not who I think I ‘should’ be)?

2. What are the skills and gifts I possess which naturally attract people to me?

3. What will it take for me to be completely authentic in any given moment?

When you have your answers, notice any limiting beliefs or negative self talk which arises, and use EFT on those dis-empowering thoughts.

Honour who you are by being more you this year. Celebrate your gifts and strengths. Respect yourself for what you have to offer the world and the world will respond in kind.

Author's Bio: 

Annabel Fisher is a licensed NLP Practitioner and runs a successful EFT practice. Find relief from pain, chronic illness, fears and phobias, headaches and migraines, weight issues and more through EFT. Get your free "The Essentials of EFT Guide" plus one-hour EFT Q&A audio recording by signing up for her newsletter at: http://www.theefthealingcentre.com