In the face of the assortment of Puerh cooked teas on the market, many beginners who are new to Puerh tea may not know how to buy them. Fear of ordering? Fear of buying bad tea? Don't worry, I will teach you this.

   Puerh tea is a "special product" of Yunnan's tea, which is named after the distribution center, and has a strong regional character. Therefore, the purchased Puerh cooked tea must be produced in Yunnan, and it is produced from the tea green raw materials produced in the areas south of latitude 25° north, west of Ailao Mountain, east of Nu River, and the middle and lower reaches of Lancang River. This is also Puerh tea. The meaning of "certain area" in the definition. The authenticity of the "Puerh Tea" produced in other tea producing areas outside Yunnan is questionable.

Puerh tea is processed from the tea leaf tea green of Yunnan big leaf species. Therefore, tea products processed from varieties other than the big-leaf tea trees in Yunnan are not Puerh tea. Puerh cooked tea processed from large-leaf tea tree raw materials has the characteristics of "fatty leaf buds, thick ropes without loose bubbles, strong taste, thick leaf bottom leaves, loose and deep serrations". These characteristics should be selected when purchasing cooked tea.

   First taste and then buy, tea is a drink, the purpose of buying tea is to drink. Therefore, after choosing the shape of Puerh tea, you must try it yourself. Determine the most important aroma and taste, soup color and leaf bottom of Puerh cooked tea through the senses.

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