Soweto is a well known suburb in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a suburb with the highest population of black people in South Africa. The name Soweto is an abbreviation for the South Western Townships. This place was specifically allocated to be the home of black people who work in Johannesburg. The apartheid government of South Africa believed that all the different races of South Africa should live separately. This resulted in large inequalities between black and white people, causing extreme poverty within the black community. Soweto has been home to the world renowned Nelson Mandela who was the first democratically elected President of South Africa. He gave twenty seven years of his life in prison in the struggle to defeat apartheid and deliver the promise of equality and human rights. These days Soweto is a prosperous and thriving area. Many people in this area invest in quality furniture for their homes. This article shall briefly explain why it is important to buy a quality bed and suggest the best place to buy an affordable mattress for anyone looking within the Soweto area.

The most important reason why it is important to buy a quality bed is because sleep is very important to our general health and wellbeing. Health experts and professionals all over the world agree that a human being should get a minimum of eight to ten hours of sleep each and every day. Health experts say that a person who has not slept for twenty four hours is just as impaired as a drunk person. They are bound to make many unnecessary and clumsy mistakes.

No matter how busy a person gets it is always necessary to pay back your “sleep debt”. Sleep debt is the difference between the amount of sleep you should be getting and the amount of sleep that you are actually getting. It's a deficit that grows every time we do not get adequate hours within our nightly rest. During an episode on the world renowned show that play on the National Geographic Channel titled “Air Crash Investigation”, it was determined that a particular flight crashed because of human error. It was not a mechanical failure that brought this particular airplane down. It was determined that the pilots had been working for three days straight without getting any sleep. They explained that the pilots had a huge sleep debt.

Whether you’re a heart surgeon who will be spending many hours performing an operation where some person’s life is literally in your hand or you’re an athlete who will be competing in a grueling marathon, your success on the day largely depend on the amount of sleep you get the night before.

In conclusion, it is important to buy a good quality bed and get the recommended number of hours of sleep each and every day. If you are in the Soweto area you could always order a bed online. You function far better when you have slept comfortably all night. It is true that a better you begins with a better night

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