It is important to own a quality bed where you rest every single night of your life. Health professionals and doctors from all around the world agree that one must get a minimum of eight to ten hours of sleep each and every single twenty-four hours of our lives. They compare a person who has not slept to a person who has consumed a lot of alcohol. Their decisions are impaired and they make many avoidable and clumsy mistakes. This article shall briefly explain why it is important to buy a quality bed and this article shall then recommend an interesting series that one can look forward to watching in the comfort of your bed as you prepare to rest.

The main reason why it is important to buy and own a quality bed is because it is important for your overall health to sleep. Sleeping is an essential activity that contributes immensely to our overall physical, mental and emotional health. If one goes a long time without sleeping they accumulate a “sleep debt”. Sleep debt is the difference between the amount of sleep you should be getting within twenty four hours and the amount that you are actually getting within that same period of time. It's a deficit that grows every time we remove some extra rest time off our nightly sleep schedule. One can think of sleep debt as a very important debt that shall eventually be paid whether we like it or not. It is similar to owing an important debt to your government or a dangerous gangster who can show up at your doorstep at any time and demand their money regardless of who is witnessing. One must always stay up to date and settle their sleep debt. You could be embarrassed as you begin to drool and fall asleep during an important meeting as a result of inadequate rest and due to sleep debt.

It is a good idea to find a captivating series to watch at night before falling asleep. This is a great way to ensure that you have something to look forward to as you prepare to fall asleep. “Fargo” is a very interesting Netflix series. It is the story of an initially small and harmless man named Lester who gets caught up in multiple murders. Lester is responsible for the murder of his wife and the murder of a neighborhood bully who would pick on him since their childhood days. A diligent and relentless female police officer remains suspicious of Lester and she keeps an eye on him. As the series develops Lester becomes a darker and darker individual. He becomes evil and even has his own brother arrested for killing his wife, a crime that was committed by Lester. He even eventually has his new wife killed by a murderer who was going after Lester. By the end of the series the main character is a fallen and hated man.

In conclusion, it is important to buy a quality bed and sleep on it every night. One should look forward to sleeping as it essential to our health and watching a series is a clever way to excite one to get to bed. Fargo is a great series that will accomplish the goal of making you look forward to bed. It is true that a better you begins with a better night

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