For those who like to spend their days outdoors. Being a professional lifeguard can be most rewarding. For to become a lifeguard, the first thing that you should do is to see if you want to become a lifeguard at a pool or an open water facility, such as a beach, lake, or river. The type of location you want to work on helps determine the qualifications you will need.

You can have any lifeguards start off as competitive swimmers among age groups and in high school programs. If you have not had any training of this type, it can be difficult, at first, to become a lifeguard. It would be highly recommended to test on the requirements before taking a lifeguard course. A qualified team should provide adult lessons for you to reach your goals when you are not able to accomplish them.

You will know that there are two accepted lifeguard certification organizations. The most universally accepted is a training from the American Red Cross. But you can also consider Ellis certification for water parks and private organizations. Looking into the area you want to work in, and see what certifications they prefer or require is most important. Places will only take one or the other are so many.

To become a certified lifeguard, pool lifeguards have lower requirements. For the American Red Cross, each lifeguard will need to finish 500 yards without stopping, and finish 100 yards in less than 2 minutes. When you look to work in open water, the requirements will increase too.

Depending if you are in the course after work or for full days, lifeguard training generally take one to two weeks. Participants in the classes will need to accomplish classroom work, along with learning rescues in the water. In the class, you should expect to accomplish light workouts each day. Certifications in CPR and AED is needed especially for the professional rescuer with their lifeguarding certification. Lifeguard course also have these classes too.

Working on open water necessitates a second test. The use opf rescue boats are included in these tests. Renewal of these certificates after a few years is necessary.

Proper maintenance and how to properly enter and exit the chair are a few things that will be taught when get to the beach. The reason why cities will always keep their eye out for lifeguard chairs for sale is because these chairs can be so costly.

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