Becoming a chauffeur London, is a great career choice if you have great customer service skills and enjoy driving.  When you work as a chauffeur, you will get to meet interesting people, have an opportunity to drive luxury cars, and visit new locations. 

To become a good chauffeur you need to have the following traits.

  • Decision-making—you need to have solid problem-solving and decision-making skills. You need to be able to handle any emergencies that come up and be confident in your decision.
  • Managing time—as a chauffeur Paris, you have to excel at this trait because no matter where the destination is, hotel, airport, etc. you have to make sure your passenger gets there on time. You should also arrive at the pickup point at least 20 minutes early to avoid being late due to heavy traffic, accident, detours, weather related, etc.
  • Attention to detail—you should always anticipate your passenger’s needs. Pay attention to the small details such as making sure the heat or AC is set to the right temperature for your passenger’s comfort. 
  • People skills—you need to have great interpersonal skills and be able to communicate with the passengers effectively and clearly. You need to be polite to your passengers at all times, know how and when to make conversation, and when to be quiet.
  • Attire should be professional—when working as a chauffeur London, the drivers will have a standard uniform such as a dark jacket, white shirt, dark slacks, black shoes, and maybe a tie. Some may even require you to wear a chauffeur’s hat. Facial hair may be allowed but it depends on the company.  You must have good personal hygiene.

A chauffeur Paris has to have a clean driving record, pass a background check, be licensed, and be familiar with the landmarks of the city plus know how to get around the city.  When you get your license to drive as a chauffeur, there are special licenses for driving cars, buses, or minibusses so know what you will be driving to be sure you have the right license.  You may have a chauffeur’s license.

Some employers require that you have at least two or more years of driving experience and some will not hire you if you are under the age of twenty-five.  This is done to be sure their chauffeurs can be responsible drivers and have experience driving on different roadways besides city streets and different weather conditions.

You may also be required to make sure you pass vision standards for licensed chauffeurs and car drivers.  You should make sure you are in good health and don’t have any medical conditions that could affect your driving like epilepsy.


This is a good career choice if you enjoy talking to people and enjoy driving.  There is no formal training needed, just a clean driving record, license, and good people skills.  You might be dealing with some passengers who can be difficult so you will need to learn how to handle that without causing more issues.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.