I have noticed that when we have the foot to the pedal, we are moving so fast that we actually miss the beautiful scenery around us. We go about life trying to get things accomplished to such an extent that we burn ourselves out and end up actually accomplishing less… So, what’s the point?

Because of today’s societal inclinations to produce more in less time, we are trapped in the production racing game. Getting things done, focusing on the numbers and stats, grinding out the work, having a plan, analyzing and other left brain functions are associated with masculine energy. When we operate solely from our left brain place and energy shutting down or tuning out our right brain, we are cutting ourselves off from our intuition, creativity, dreams, vitality, passion, zest for life and connection (feminine energy). We cannot possibly create the life and relationship we want from this cold and shut-down place!

It behooves us to slow down from the race of production, and approach our daily round from a place of creation. When we are about creating, we tap into our intuition and wisdom, we get our creative juices flowing, we feel alive and energized – we connect with our authentic self and passion. This passion permeates everything. You become more attractive. You become irresistible. You attract what you want in your life effortlessly. You produce with ease… and have plenty of passion to spare…

If you have been in go mode, you have probably been feeling disconnected, alone, tired and hopeless; and, are probably not enjoying your relationship and your life very much. The left brain functions are a great tool for making things happen, but they can’t make them happen successfully alone. They need to be integrated with the right brain’s for it all to have meaning, be satisfying and enjoyable.

Slow down. Tap into your feminine energy by refocusing your efforts on creating and connecting. Add meaning to your life, be inspired, feel alive. Embody your excitement. Become irresistible. Create energy and passion to spare!

Strut these around. Flaunt them. Drench your relationship with them. Infuse your relationship back to life, create the intimate relating you crave, and have a ton of fun!!

Happy Creating!

~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment

Tap into your right brain: identify and sit with your feelings, recall memories – play the do you remember when… game, pursue artistic activities, act as if, journal, meditate, visualize, appreciate, listen to your gut, empathize, donate, volunteer…

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