Many people consider themselves as a leading expert, but only a few are able to make the profession out of being an expert. It takes dedication, time and hard work to build your creditability.

The same implies to businesses and brands. You need to put in time and effort to establish yourself as an expert to build authority and  awareness for your brand.  People confuse public relations with advertising. Both are accomplishing something similar, which is to expose you and your message to a targeted audience.  The main difference is one you pay for, the other you don’t. Both play an important role in branding you and your business.

In one of the webinars of eWomen Success Institute, Jill Lublin, PR expert explained  7-myths about publicity. Among them, is that the media won’t be interested in your story. The fact is, it might not be your story in which they’re interested, but instead they need an expert on a particular topic. That expert could be YOU! 

So how do you become the go-to expert in your industry? Read here to get started on your journey.

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