Hello everyone! I want to introduce you all to a new Youtube sensation, Bebo and Buggy. Bebo and Buggy is an educational kids show on Youtube, created by Matthew Haines, but it's not like most shows. Many shows on Youtube focus on 123's and ABC's, or colors, without much education on any other topics. Bebo and Buggy are covering those topics as well, but they're branching out to things like manners and Earth Sciences too (they have an episode for Volcanoes which is fantastic, go check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOMtLfIVPw8), and they make those topics fun and exciting with visuals, and experiments for the family, to help those lessons stick with our kiddos. Matthew Haines is the actor for Bebo and has a 3 year old himself, Buggy, on the other hand, is played by none other than Matthew's Brother in law Scott Dreher! This really is a family show through and through. I, for one, cannot wait to see more of what these guys come up with and I would encourage all of you moms and dads out there with kiddos ages 2-7 (their target demographic) to go subscribe and join the ride.

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And be sure to check out all of their videos!
I've asked a couple of questions to get a feel of who these guys are and what exactly their aim is with the channel so here you are!

Me: So what made you decide to start this channel?

Matthew (Bebo): Well, my son started watching Youtube at 2 and I realized the quality content out there, which there isn't much of, is getting drowned out by bright, loud, distracting videos that weren't teaching my son a single thing. Wasting his time, and the wonderful learning capabilities that our children have. So, I set out to do something about it and help contribute to the quality content out there, actually teaching kids valuable lessons.

Me: Where do you aim to take the channel?
Matthew (Bebo): Well, Youtube is really just the beginning. We need to grow our audience and gain some support first. My number one goal is to have a lasting impact on children in a positive way, teaching manners, having them enter school with a solid foundation of knowledge, and our biggest goal for ourselves is to eventually create a Bebo and Buggy foundation. The aim of our foundation will be to help alleviate childhood suffering, and sponsoring kids with special needs to get them access to certain aids to improve quality of life.

Me: Wow, that's fantastic. What topics do you have planned for the show?
Matthew (Bebo): Well, we have over 100 topics planned out already ranging from teaching about colors, to the importance of recycling and reducing waste, and tours of museums across the country. We actually just did an episode at a REAL preserved Pioneer home in Sarasota Florida at Crowley Museum and Nature Center. There will be spinning wheels, old wooden homes, AND we have an actor dressed in Pioneer clothing that talked to us about daily life as a pioneer before things like electricty and indoor plumbing!

Me: That's incredible, I can't wait to see that one! When will it come out?
Matthew (Bebo): Well I can't say for certain at the moment as I give my videographer and editor however much time he needs to come out with a polished final product, but I'm aiming for another week or two from now. We also have animated videos and songs coming! So stay tuned and subscribe!

Me: I will! Thank you for answering my questions and I look forward to seeing those episodes!

Make sure you go check out the videos guys, I have a feeling that this show is going to be huge. And from my short conversation with Matt, I can tell he's passionate about it and here to stay.

Good Luck Bebo and Buggy!

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