When you think about your previous vacations, your mind subconsciously goes to those moments when you were at your happiest self. You like to think of that moment again and again when you felt lost yet most blissful. Whether it was a beach or a mountaintop where you loved to sit or sleep, the place indicates a lot about your personality.

Social or shy

No matter you are an introvert or an extrovert, this is just a part of your personality. If you are a beach lover, you love to socialize with people and are in love with beach parties. You like to play in the ocean water even when dozens of other people are doing the same at that moment. And if you are in love with the mountains, you are secretly or openly an introvert person who loves the silence on the hilltop. You love to be yourself in the silence of massive mountains and you hardly care about missing out on all those hip-hop parties going on in the world.

The energy level

Even though the kind of vacation you choose seems like it has nothing to do with your daily life, but it is quite the opposite. Just like you would party on a beach, your entire life is a party for you. You are energetic and upbeat in everything you do, and the noise of things sound like music to your ears. On the other hand, if you love mountains, you are the one who loves a slow life. You like to deal with everything seriously and your energy level is not so high, but you don’t care.

The social media

If you are a beach person, you like to be as quick as possible when it comes to Instagram updates. You click a zillion Selfies and like to update your social media accounts as much as possible. Even if the world mocks you for living in the virtual world, you barely care because that what you are. For the mountain lovers, the pictures do matter but they don’t care about updating them too often. They like to keep those photos close to their heart, maybe forever. They do update their status on social media, but perhaps months after visiting the mountains. Yes, there is no network on the hills to keep updated, but they don’t care to upload even when they return.

The relaxation

Both beach and mountain lovers loosen up in their own way. The beach person wants to stay in the madness of the seashores as they like to indulge in volleyball and other games. They like to cheer for other people at the top of their lungs and never feel tired. For the mountain lovers, they like to hear the voice of nature only when they are on the hilltop. They make immense efforts to reach a point where they don’t have to talk to anyone, and just admire the natural beauty.

The profession

Your choice of vacation matters in your professional life as well. The beach lovers like to get the job done, but the mountain lovers like to see the alternative ways to achieve what they want. Yes, the traits of your personality also matter according to the place you prefer for a holiday.


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The author of this article is always on tour using Self Drive Cars on his own for exploring the India. Here he has shared his experience and some advice while travelling which can help everyone while travelling anywhere in India.